INTERNATIONAL: Science says super bacteria coming to kill us is imminent, “People Will Die”

INTERNATIONAL: Science says super bacteria coming to kill us is imminent, “People Will Die”

6047ace874a6bbfb81d30ad47013035dYAHOO NEWS – Because you don’t have enough to worry about.

According to a study published in the journal Lancet Infectious Diseases, scientists in China have discovered significantly increased levels of bacteria resistant to the antibiotic colistin in pigs. The drug is a last line of defense against a host of bacterial infections, many of which are common in people. Researchers said they expect the resistant bacteria to spread outside of China, if it has not already done so.

“What is particularly worrying about this is the mechanism of this resistance means that it can spread very easily between species. So global spread is likely.” Liz Tayler of the World Health Organization told BBC4 Radio. “This paper suggests that this has already spread out of China and into Malaysia.”

According to the study, researchers stumbled upon the antibiotic-resistant bacteria during a “routine surveillance project,” testing antimicrobial resistance to E. coli in China’s food animals. In the E. coli-infected test subjects, 21% of animals contained the colistin-resistant bacteria, as well as 15% of raw meat samples and 1% human patients.

“Some people will have untreatable infections and will start to die,” Tayler said. “We have to take action now.”



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  1. lol its funny how they trying to create this to scare people think its those government officials just trying to confirm they will be making these diseases to kill people .... they`re known for years that anitbiotics are getting more and more resitant why not do something about it.... its just funny today i was laughing because i recently got the flu shot as a precaution but guess what i still got the flu over the weekend its suppose to protect you ha ha its just main stream government officials and medical companies getting rich on sick people nothing more and nothing less the might dollar has taken president over it all... greed greed and more greed


  2. The walking dead are coming.
    On a more serious note we really need to find healthier ways to make our food. If returning to naturally reared lifestock will triple the price of meat then let it be so. We will be able to afford less televisions but such is the price of a healthy life.


  3. what they meant to say is that they've finally mutated a virus or form of bacteria enough to finally kill off the human race.. or charge ridiculous amounts for insane vaccines while the corrupt pharmaceutical industry thrives even more


  4. Does anyone know how this will effect humans? (apart from death), Eg, brain, skin? Will it make us crazy?


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