INTERNATIONAL: Priest suspended for riding hoverboard during mass

INTERNATIONAL: Priest suspended for riding hoverboard during mass

2015-12-31 04_45_01-Hoverboarding Priest Suspended After Rolling Christmas Eve MassHUFFINGTON POST – A Catholic priest in the Philippines has been suspended after riding a hoverboard during Christmas Eve Mass.

The Diocese of San Pablo, south of Manila, said the Rev. Albert San Jose has apologized for his action, which was caught on video and widely shared on YouTube.

The video shows the priest in a white cassock gliding up and down the church’s aisles on the two-wheeled electric scooter while singing a Christmas song. Some members of the surprised congregation applaud as he pivots and moves backward.

The diocese published a statement on Facebook, The Guardian reported.

From clever Halloween gags to the occasional fire, the hoverboard has been one of the most popular and talked-about gifts this holiday season.




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  1. This suspension will go the way of the out dated confessional box.
    The Catholic Church is so behind time it's laughable. Forgive them.


  2. I don't see nothing wrong with that at least he is using technology to do Gods work Aa smh, and it looks like the church is really huge


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