INTERNATIONAL: Pennsylvanian police chief refers to persons as “N*****s” in email

INTERNATIONAL: Pennsylvanian police chief refers to persons as “N*****s” in email
*Photo credit: Huffington Post

NEW YORK POST – A new police chief for the City of Farrell in Pennsylvania has come under fire for sending an offensive email that included racial slurs.

The newly sworn-in Thomas Burke, who is white, is slated to begin his term as police chief of Farrell, a city about 70 miles outside of Pittsburgh, on Jan. 1, according to WKBN Ohio News. In an April email soliciting donations for a local parent-teacher organization, Burke wrote: “Them Sharon n*****s gotta learn how to read.” (See a screenshot of the email below.)

Burke made a public apology on Monday for the racial slurs used in the e-mail.

“To everybody here, to everybody out there, my deepest — I cannot tell you, from the bottom of my heart, I’m truly sorry. I apologize deeply,” he said at a live conference.

Burke’s April email read: “Good morning. Please click and review. Even a $1.00 will be greatly appreciated. Them Sharon n*****s gotta learn how to read.” The email was reportedly sent as a request for monetary donations for new books for a local parent-teacher organization, Erie News Now in Pennsylvania reported 



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  1. This was a word used to demean blacks and make them feel very little about themselves dating back to the time of slavery. And yet, some of us refer to our friends, colleagues and associates as such, as a term of endearment. I refuse to use this word to address anyone, as it reminds me of the pains and emotional suffering it brought upon my ancestors. It irks me to no end when I hear songs blazing on the airwaves in St. Lucia with artist blatantly using this slur like it's nothing. I think it is very irresponsible on both the DJ's and Radio Station part.


    • I agree with both you and Kal, Also like other degenerates, he is only saying sorry because he was caught. If he thought it was wrong he would not have sent it. More RACISTs join the ranks of the Police. HOW do they get through the Vetting!?? They could not possibly have been Vetted. SO who does the Vetting??


    • Even this website ignorantly supports and post comments from individuals with this offensive word.
      Pure ignorance being showcased.


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