INTERNATIONAL: Pastor in Sierra Leone finds 706-carat diamond but gives it to authorities

By New York Daily News

sierra-leone-huge-diamondNEW YORK DAILY NEWS – President Ernest Bai Koroma said that Momoh would get “what is due” to him after the country receives its millions.

The world’s most expensive diamond, found in Botswana, was 813 carats and sold for $63 million last year.

The clergyman found the stone near the village of Yakadu while supplementing his income by freelance mining, a practice many take up in Sierra Leone.

Diamonds from the country, wracked by a long-running civil war, were banned from export until 2003, though the country is expected to export more than $100 million in the jewels this year.

Momoh’s diamond is believed to be the largest diamond found in Sierra Leone since the 968-carat “Star of Sierra Leone,” which sold for $2.5 million in 1972.

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  1. He had the good sense to do that. These industries are really controlled by the multi -national companies ...... had he retained it heaven knows what jeopardy he would've been in. The greed of the external entities who work towards his liquidation and of course confiscation of the gem. Africa at its finest!!

  2. . If he had asked to pay tithe that would be wrong. If he had kept it and got luxurious earthly goods, that would be wrong. He did what he felt was right and he will be compensated.
    I believe he was serving God in spirit and truth.
    God bless and keep him and his family

  3. Dek dek!

  4. Pastor am brother, but I don't believe I would do what you did. Sorry!

  5. every body throw your rock sign up and sing kanye song. diamonds are forever ^


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