INTERNATIONAL: Oregon pot stores sell more than $11 Million in first 5 days

INTERNATIONAL: Oregon pot stores sell more than $11 Million in first 5 days

AP – Retailers sold more than $11 million of marijuana during Oregon’s first week of legal recreational sales, outpacing the early business done in other states that have legalized pot, according to the Oregon Retailers of Cannabis Association.

Oregon retailers had sales of $3.5 million by the end of opening day, Casey Houlihan, executive director of the association, told the Statesman Journal ( ). By contrast, Colorado’s first week of sales reached $5 million. In Washington, sales during the first month hit $2 million.

Under the state law approved by Oregon voters last year, possession of marijuana in limited quantities has been permitted since July 1.

But there was no legal way to buy it until Oct. 1. Pot shops that already sell medical marijuana made big plans for the historic day, with some opening just after midnight.

One reason Oregon posted stronger early sales was the existing medical marijuana infrastructure. More than 250 medical marijuana dispensaries in Oregon have told the state they will sell to recreational customers. By contrast, Colorado had 24 stores on Day 1. Washington had just four, and a year later, still has fewer than Oregon.

Oregon also has a robust supply of marijuana that’s grown to support medical marijuana users and the black market. Companies have invested in massive warehouses in Portland to grow the drug indoors, and southern Oregon has some of the nation’s best conditions for outdoor cultivation of marijuana.

Growers don’t face strict regulations yet, so the supply can more easily flow into retail stores than it did in Washington and Colorado.

Houlihan says shops are seeing customers coming back to pot after years of not smoking it.

“They’re telling me that customers lining up are in many cases 50 to 65 and haven’t purchased marijuana in decades, but they’re just happy to have the opportunity to do so,” he said.


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  1. Imbecile, the whole lot of Lucian politicians. How could we not use cannabis to generate billions of dollars; cut down on crime; free the police from the workload associated with arrest and useless court and stop giving the innocent citizens of St. Lucia police records???????
    American helicopters burn down crops in St.Vincent and they are constantly trying to prevent our trade. We do need to remove the veil we have over our eyes.


  2. While the world is moving on we have someone called La Corbs who has his big toe stuck in St. Lucia's butt. Is it all about La Corbs.


  3. You guys are nailing it. The Caribbean and Saint Lucia in particular are missing out on a huge opportunity by not being a first player here. You have the sun needed to grow, the expertise, and the branding opportunity to make this cash crop for export as well as for domestic use. Legalizing will reduce police costs, associate crime and jail resources. It will also generate tax revenue and certainly increase tourism spend. It's no brainer for the first politician with the courage to do something good for the country.


  4. so when will the Caribbean realize they are missin out on an opportunity to make some income for the countries. the very same countries suffering from high unemployment, high debt, when will they open their eyes. Jah show these so called leaders how to lead bcuz they hav not been doin a good job .



  5. yeah, we rather see the illegal trade prosper( we all know its all over the island) than to see a few legitimate farmers make a decent living. come on fellars free up the herb.


  6. These white boyz are busy making money off legal ganja while our black @$$#$ are being lock up in the caribbean by a bunch of illiterate @$$holes, calling themselves politicians, who still have the stuff to be illegal.


  7. One day recreational and medicinal marijuana will be available for sale on as Cannabis sativa but when that day arrives Saint Lucia will be one of a handful of countries in the world where importation of Cannabis would still be illegal.
    I had this vision whilst immersed in a cloud of ganja smoke from high-grade sensimilla grafted from combining Jamaican and Vincentian varieties.


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