INTERNATIONAL: Nun says Mary likely was not a virgin

By New York Post

170202-nun-virgin-mary-comments-featureNEW YORK POST – A nun in Spain has received death threats from angry Catholics after suggesting that Mary likely had sex with husband Joseph – much like any “normal couple” would.

Sister Lucia Caram – a self-described “restless and disturbing” nun on her Twitter profile that boasts more than 183,000 followers – seemingly contradicted Roman Catholic faith by suggesting that the Virgin Mary might not have been celibate after all during a television appearance in Spain on Sunday.

“I think Mary was in love with Joseph and that they were a normal couple – and having sex is a normal thing,” Caram told the Chester in Love Show, according to the Guardian. “It’s hard to believe and hard to take in. We’ve ended up with the rules we’ve invented without getting to the true message.”

Caram, who lives in a convent in Catalonia, said the church has long held a “poor attitude” on the subject and has “swept it under the carpet,” according to the Guardian.

“It wasn’t a taboo subject; it was more something that was considered dirty or hidden,” Caram said. “It was the denial of what I believe to be a blessing.”


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  1. If only people would read the whole Bible (old & new) they would not be that confused about such trivial matters. Isaiah 7: 14.....the Lord Himself will give you a sign: Behold, a virgin shall conceive and bear a Son, and shall call His name Immanuel.........Now shall we do ourselves a favour, go to "Luke 56 - 67 and
    Luke 67 - 80. It is an easy exercise for the Soul and you will be blessed. Now this Prophesy was proclaimed a long time before both Mary and Joseph were born. Both Mary and Elizabeth were cousins
    that makes Jesus and John the Baptist Cousins, of the line of King David.

  2. Mary was promiscuous she cheated on Joseph and try to say is son of God. Smh

  3. Mary loves backsht

  4. when people read the Bible why don't they read the whole and ask the Lord for wisdom
    if they fail to understand? I am of the strong belief that "man" interfered too much in the
    original writings of the scriptures, to suit their narrow interpretation for their "religious" Cults.
    The New Testament has 18 silent years of Jesus; check it out. Mary had other children after
    Jesus. Mary herself brought her other two sons, John and James to Jesus and asked for to have
    her two sons to sit, one on each side of him when he comes to his kingdom. Jesus then explained
    to her, it was not for him to decide that but his "Father" who lives in Heaven.Poor Mary.
    On another occasion when the Lord was on his father's business, Mary and her kids worried for him
    to pack it in for the day and come home,so some were sent to Him and He told them, who is my brethren, who are my brethren? they are those who do the will of my father in heaven.
    Beside Jesus, there were his brethren and the scripture mention who they were, thank God.

    • You my dear have captured and presented the most beautiful responce... As I read the article and the responce that the nun gave on the television interview I was trying to determine whether she was saying that Mary was not a virgin before she conceived Jesus, but it soon became apparent to me that was not what she said. All she said was that she (Mary) loved her husband and the two would normally likely enjoy intercourse as a function of marriage.

      The only other issue it would seem would be that some people believe that she (Mary) remained a virgin all her life, (which would be a delusion) as the scritures you posted so clearly indicate... So it seems that some people just believe whatever they are taught on certain issues and refuse to read, research or even simply 'think' enough to find out exactly what is truth and what is not. 2 Timothy 2:15...

    • Mary had no other children. The Greek for brother is adelphos which had a broader meanings like spiritual, biological, extended relative etc. Genesis 13:8 describes Abraham and Lot as brothers but they were uncle and nephew. Others references of "Brothers" in the bible: 1 Cor. 15:6, Mark 6:3. In this reference this Mary was not the Mother of Jesus. In Matt 27:56 or Mark 15:40 May the mother of James and Joseph and the mother of the sons of Zebedee.

    • You meant James and Joseph. Not John. Now got to Matt 27:56 or Mark 15:40, you will realise it is another Mary. Not Mary the mother of Jesus. It a Mary who also had sons with Zebedee.

  5. before she carried the son of God she was a virgin. (not saying she was sinless ) after the birth of Christ she was no virgin !! when she conceived Joseph had not yet "touch" her . an angel of the Lord told joseph that which mary is carrying is of the Holy Spirit.

    after Christ was born, tell me that the two ..mary and joseph divorced or they probably both took a vow of celibacy?? apparently so because don't tell me after she gave birth she didnt have sex with her husband... or she being human like everyone else didnt feel for it??? i agree with the nun..

    and for the record the convent is not made of virgins alone. some of these people had a life before the convent... the priest themselves claiming to take vow of celibacy but they can molest the young boys ...not even all the priests are virgins..they too had a life outside ..

  6. Why don't you all quote from the bible the nonsense you all are saying. Like Mary had siblings. Didn't the bible state who were the parents of Jesus' brothers and none of them were Mary and Joseph?

  7. Sex isn't a sin because god said be fruitful and multiply fonication and adultery is a sin and yes Mary and Joseph had sex so u need to get ur facts rite before critizing

  8. Now. at this late hour when the catholic church has lost all credibility and any semblance of moral standing they are choosing to do an about face? You pedophiles, child rapists and enablers of the slavery of the black race had better pray that the story of hellfire is also a lie, because if it isn't, we're gonna be having priest bishop and nun barbecue for all eternity.

  9. You know where the problem lies, it's when we mix the truth of God's word with traditions. What does the Bible say, Mary was a normal Jewish girl, who was chosen to give birth to the son of God. She was Married to a man named Joseph, with whom she later bore more children. What does Tradition say, Mary is the Madonna, a mystic being borrowed from Pagan demonistic traditions, who's mother was conceived without any input from a man, and she as well being conceived in the same manner, and who's child followed the pattern. We need to seperate the two. Catholicism is based on an amalgamation of Pagan beliefs. Don't look to them to understand the Bible. They may say they believe the bible but by their fruit you will know them

    • Just remember the bible is not about Mary. She has a history like all of us which was witness by those who spoke and wrote about it. Her parents names were Anna and Joachim. This is not stated in the bible so I guess it is not true. Just like the names of the two criminals crucified with Christ were Dismas and Gestas. Not quoted so its false. The soldier who speared Christ whiles on the Cross is Longinus which is not stated in the bible. 2 Thessalonians 2:15 says "So then, brothers and sisters, stand firm and hold fast to the TEACHING WE PASSED ON to you, whether by WORD OF MOUTH or by letter." Tradition means to pass-on a teaching or custom. yes! it was done by "word of mouth" or letters but not a book. 1stTimothy 3:15 stated that "if I am delayed, you will know how people ought to conduct themselves in God's household, which is the church of the living God, the pillar and foundation of the truth." The Church is the Pillar and Foundation of the Truth. Church was established on Pentecost. The bible was put together during the 5th Century and it John said they did not write everything that was taught.. I will reiterate that the bible is all about The Father Son and Holy Spirit. Not Mary. Mary had her story told by the fathers (her witnesses) of the Church.

      • You just made my point. Quoting non Biblical accounts, how do i verify those stories?

        • What happened between the time Christ died and the over 400 years before the bible was put together? The time there wasn't a bible. It was only the verbal teaching of Christ. It was about the tradition the Thessalonians spoke about. Now tradition is being criticized by the protestant churches. You need to read about the fathers of the church. The disciples of the 12 apostles Example Timothy was a disciple of Paul. Ignatius and Polycarp were disciples of John. They all wrote. Mark the Gospel write and Barnabas were a disciples of Peter.

  10. The nun is human she has blood running through her veins and not water.

  11. The only person born free from sin was Jesus. Bible say he became like unto sinful man. He clothed his divinity with humanity. Why is that important? Because as human we are and were all born and shapen in inquity and sin were we conceived

    • true but mary was a virgin when she conceived jesus

      • The Catholic Church wants us to believe that Mary was not a victim of original sin that she did not commit.

        That is why her first son was not a victim of original sin. That is why all the other children coming from Joseph was the cause of the continuation of original sin. Why did they ask not to be born to spare them "catching" original sin? They had no choice in the matter you say?

  12. Before she conceived or after she conceived? Females can self-generate male spermatozoa and self-impregnate themselves. But if Joseph played a role afterwards, enough to have had children of his own with Mary, he must have consummated the marriage sometime, somewhere or somehow.

  13. The nun is judging Mary after herself. she is not going according to the bible

  14. Agree with you totally Lady

  15. I wonder if that nun is a virgin . will ask the prist

  16. Nun we all knew that was impossible !! As a matter of fact Mary loved doing the dam thing !!

  17. The Bible is very clear that Jesus had siblings. Of course she's right that Mary was no virgin. But that's conveniently ignored.

    • I tell you solemly, Jesus had other siblings. They were from Josephs other wives!!! This is what ALL Christians are hiding and dont want to believe. Go to the achives and chronicles and check it out. Monogamy became a practise in the church only when the gospel got to Rome.


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