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INTERNATIONAL: North Carolina mom mauled to death by pit bull she adopted only a week before

By New York Daily News

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article-pitbull-1-0211NEW YORK DAILY NEWS – A North Carolina mom was mauled to death by a pit bull she adopted only a week previously.

Suzanne Story, 36, died in her Snug Harbor home after the dog attacked her Wednesday afternoon.

Story’s family said she got the dog from Virginia for free after spotting an advertisement in a newspaper. Her stepfather Randy Brown said that the pit bull’s previous owners told her it was well behaved and good with young children.

“I think they had a problem with the dog and didn’t know how to handle it, and they were just trying to get rid of it, and they did,” Brown told 13 News Now, noting that the move resulted in a death.

“I just think that the people that pawned the dog off on these people need to be held responsible,” he added.


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  1. That is a typical vicious dog and it should be put down immediately.

  2. The dog was fine for several days.

    That's the worst part of game-insane bully dogs. They can seem like happy goofy dogs immediately before, and even sometimes soon after, brutally maiming and killing other dogs or sometimes humans.

    That means they are permitted to be near their potential victims and potential victims come within range.

    That's why bully dogs attack and kill disproportionately more than dogs who display aggression. The three year old child wouldn't approach a barking snarling snapping dog, but will come close to the game insane bully who stands quietly, looking off to the side... "Wait for it, wait for it," then wham, the bully dog's acting in centuries of instinct, to maul and not stop.

  3. smh who in their right mind would buy or even take a PIT BULL fully grown for a pet ,these dogs well vicious , the dog doesnt even know you that well regardless if the previous owner told you it is a nice dog that is good with kids you should have taken the dog from when it was a few weeks old not as it is fully or almost full grown.


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