INTERNATIONAL: Nigerian ‘loverboy’ fraudster told victim he had come from Saint Lucia

INTERNATIONAL: Nigerian ‘loverboy’ fraudster told victim he had come from Saint Lucia
Robinson Agbonifoayetan
Robinson Agbonifoayetan
Robinson Agbonifoayetan

THE DAILY TIMES (Nigeria) – A Nigerian fraudster who posed as a United States Army General to defraud two British women of more than £300, 000 in just six months is to be sentenced at the Isleworth Crown Court , near Uxbridge , on Monday morning.

The fake Army General conned one of his victims to use up her life savings, pawn her jewelry, sell her car and take out loans to pay for mounting debts, before she then decided to contact the police after becoming suspicious. His other victim was defrauded of £22,000.

Thirty-two-year-old Robinson Agbonifoayetan told his victims that he wanted to move to the United Kingdom to marry them, after posing as General James Krulak and General James Raul. He also persuaded his victims to help him transfer his $8.5million retirement fund – described as a box of treasure – from a family in Afghanistan.

Agbonifoayetan, who will be sentenced by judge Marron, at Courtroom 9, pleaded guilty to two counts of fraud by false representation last week, after the court heard how he perpetrated his crime using real live images of American soldiers to befriend the women over Skype.

After contacting one of his victims – over sixty years old- through Skype, he befriended the unsuspecting woman, who thought he was actually an American army general. The loverboy conman then showered her with compliments, before confiding in her about his tragic family events, including the deaths of his parents and sister in a car crash.

Days into the friendship, he started talking of marrying her, before then introducing the idea of a box containing $8.5 million, which according to him, was a reward from a family whose lives he saved, while serving in Afghanistan.

He then urged the over-60-year-old victim to meet a delivery agent at a rail station. The bogus delivery man produced a United Nations diplomatic ID card with the name of Christopher Williams, and said that he had come from St Lucia, although detectives said the card bore the Belgian flag. Scotland Yard believes Agbonifoayetan was the one who doubled as the delivery man.

Luck ran out on the fraudster as he was about flying out of Heathrow Airport to Nigeria, on December 14, last year. Detectives are now hoping they can help his victims recover some of the money, which he had already transferred to both Nigeria and Ghana. Apart from these two victims, detectives from Scotland Yard’s new cybercrime unit are of the view that they have also identified at least two others and they believe his scheme is part of a sophisticated global scam to defraud vulnerable women.


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  1. This is truly embarrassing of all the places in the world? So he has connections here? I would send all of them back!!


  2. There is a place in south Africa called st. Lucia as a matter of fact its a lovely holiday destination with sadari and lovely beaches


  3. There is a St. Lucia in South Africa

    St Lucia KwaZulu Natal South Africa, situated in Zululand and only 2,5hrs north of Durban. St Lucia is surrounded by a green belt and is sometimes referred to as a island. With only one way in and out. Hippo’s do still roam the streets at night so please do take care while walking down the streets at night. Other interesting wildlife that one may encounter include the elusive Leopard.
    Mckenzie Street is the main street once you have entered the town, the main street has all of the amenities and include Spar conveniance store, Restuarants, Booking offices, Laundromats, Curio Shops and more. One has to cross the St Lucia Estuary and when doing so drive slow and look on both sides one may just witness the Hippo’s and Crocodiles that reside here. On entering the town one will find a circle, turning right takes one into town, turning left takes one towards the iSimangaliso Wetland Park gate and traveling straight will take one towards the Indian Ocean. St Lucia Maps are freely available at most of the booking offices stop and get one as they indicate all of the Accommodation establishments found within the area, walking trails and heaps of information. Should you require any assistance please do not hesitate to call us at +27 35 5901555.


  4. Nigerian are the most mean full people, they are lazy, scamers, and want to live off people, they need to be punish by a st.luian law, and the people of st.lucia to beat them up, make him suffer, for putting our beautiful country, in a bad recodmendation.


  5. some women are so naive and desperate. I'm always getting skype request from these army people. I just block them because i realise something is not right since some of these people have wives and families. please ladies investigate before you jump into these traps.


  6. True Nigerians give their country a bad name, but they see no problem with further sullying the name of another country which they think is corrupt. Why didn't he use another country's name like Barbados, St. Vincent or Jamaica? Matter of fact your politicians and others have long been advertising you as a corrupt country, then why would you object to any criminal using your name?

    Look now the Government sees it fit to have a Citizen by Investment Programme. What sorts of investments and people do you think we will attract?


  7. Why my country name he had to use he lucky a lucian didn't hold him first he would have regret ever using our name in this bullshit.. Feel disrespected smh!! Hope the ladies get their money back


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