INTERNATIONAL: New Tanzania president sacks hospital head after surprise visit to medical facility

INTERNATIONAL: New Tanzania president sacks hospital head after surprise visit to medical facility
*Photo credits: Jamaica Gleaner
*Photo credits: Jamaica Gleaner
*Photo credits: Jamaica Gleaner

JAMAICA GLEANER – Newly installed Tanzanian president, John Magufuli sacked the head of the country’s main hospital after finding patients sleeping on the floor during a surprise visit.

“The president was dismayed and saddened by the state of medical service delivery, particularly for patients sleeping on the floor,” a statement from his office said.

He also reportedly broke up the governing board at Muhimbili National Hospital after discovering the main scanning and diagnostic machines were not working and seeing other poor conditions on Monday.

“The president is trying to send a message that times have changed … It’s not business as usual … It’s all about delivery – the government has to deliver for the people,” the chief secretary at the president’s office, Ombeni Sefue, said.

Magufuli took over last week from former president Jakaya Kikwete, who stepped down after two terms in office.



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  1. Well if you see nothing wrong with people sleeping on the floor in the hospital then.... people come on....


  2. Good men don't survive in politics, especially African politics. I see trouble for him. The corrupt will not like him making changes. They will not accept losing their bribes. They will make this man run for his life. 1st world Foreign powers will not like an emerging African country to succeed and be self sufficient, not relying on them for exports, and it might start a precedence for others. But the MAIN threat will be Native Government ministers and business Moguls. Nelson Mandela told a meeting of African Leaders to stop the bribes and corruption in their countries so Africa could grow and manufacture and take a place on the World Market, and what did they do? they BOOED him. Africa has everything, Oil, Gold, Diamonds, Rubies, Sapphires, Copper, Iron, Other metals, Wild life, Fauna, Plenty of Manpower, Land Mass, I could go on. And yet it is the poorest continent on Earth, LOOK at the STARVATION. What do they BUILD so to export, SHIPS, NO, Yacht's, NO, Cars, NO, Planes, NO, Bicycles, NO, the list goes on. European counties do not have Africa's resources and yet they have strong economies, how can that be !!? Africa's leaders are Millionaires and Billionaires (in poor countries), that is why none want to give up power and others want power. The countries of Africa should be World Leaders in Manufacturing etc. NOT begging hand to mouth.


  3. We need some people like that for this country,its lives we dealing with not animals and animals get treated well.


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