UPDATE: Police death toll climbs to 5 in shooting at Dallas protest

UPDATE: Police death toll climbs to 5 in shooting at Dallas protest

2016-07-08 07_13_32-Dallas sniper attack_ 5 officers killed during protests against police - CNN.comCNN – Shooters killed five officers during protests against police in downtown Dallas, marking the deadliest incident for U.S. law enforcement since September 11, 2001.

The gunfire started Thursday night as demonstrators marched against the shooting deaths of two African-American men by police in Louisiana and Minnesota.

A total of 11 officers were shot, and some of the six officers injured are undergoing surgery, authorities said.
It was the deadliest single attack on law enforcement since the 2001 terror attacks, when 72 officers died, according to the National Law Enforcement Officers Memorial Fund.

A total of 10 police officers were shot by snipers during the protests, Dallas Police Chief David Brown said. An 11th officer was shot during an exchange of gunfire with a suspect, authorities said.

Brown said it’s unclear how many suspects were involved, but three people are in custody.



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  1. This wasn't about innocent police...this young man needs to be honoured for his bravery and sacrificing his life for the way that blacks have been treated for all those yrs in the united states,sadly this trend has even filtered in our society,in generations to come he will be honoured with merits and heroism distinctions,history has just engrave a new milestone. ..THIS WAS SIMPLY AN ETHNIC STATEMENT,its sad that most of us haven't grasp the concept....like a FB post explain if u take all the ingredients and bake a cake,the finish product must become a cake,whether it's a doughboy or a choclate fruit cake,if u plant corn u won't rip rice.


  2. To 'love lucia' you hit the hammer on the nail. Civil warbis ugly and though we have some forms of violence in our country, we are not a nation of warmongers.I think all st.lucians who can afford to come home should do so promptly. As you all know hundreds of blacks are calling for and end to those senceless killings of blacks. There is no stopping those who have made up their minds to revolt.
    This world is a bloody one, many wars have been faught for many different reasons, some things just have to be done to encourage change and most times it's wars.
    GET OUT OF THE BELLY OF THE BEAST while you can or perish with them.


  3. Fear, hate and venom are running through the US society reaping havoc in the lives of the innocent and guilty alike. The antidote is a potion of justice, fairness, love and compassion if people can recognise their own humanity and that of others -all lives matters.


  4. Come on guys Please....stop saying that the cops deserve to die. The good ones may have been the victims in this case, while the cop who killed the black guy is on paid leave. There is No right about such acts of violence. Multiple wrongs cannot add up to nothing good. I am afraid that this will escalate and my heart is pounding for the innocent lives that may be affected as a result.


    • it is true that 2 wrongs dont make a right. but even if you say the police were innocent .. it wasnt them who shot the black people.......think about this....wernt the black people shot innocent as well. it was only a matter of time that something like this happened. the justice system is failing black americans. the country is failing black americans.


  5. hmm oh boy i dont and wont condone this but this is what happens when people are fed up and you drive them up a wall and they wont take shate from nobody no more. i mean does it have to resort to this now people are killing officers cause of the way they treat black people and the black lives they took for no apparent reason that makes any sense. no one has to die like this including the officers which i assume are white i hope this is over as soon as possible and these police that just killing black people need to stop that crap. every time i hear they kill a black person and the reason could have simple been resolved i get so mad . this police brutality and abuse of power and authority has to stop now people are retaliating and killing the police thats not right none of it is right on both ends


  6. American strictly follow the rule of law. The highest law of the land, their constitution does NOT regard the black man as a full human being! That is what the constitution says. Blacks are only half-human.

    When Americans want to change something they do so with changes in the law. Since there has been no talk of an amendment removing that part of the constitution, the Louisiana police officer thought that he was wrestling down to the ground what most whites still believe is a member of subspecies or an animal. No amendment? No change. You have as much a chance for change as would a snowball in Hell.

    The development in Texas is not a learning point for the society. The NRA controls most of the politicians in America, which says that assault rifles are part of their constitutional rights.

    The old Wild West is still deeply American culture as it was in the past, especially in the South and Mid-West. Therefore, in America gun is the law. Violence is the result. Good luck trying to change that.


  7. I wonder what the human rights have to say about an innocent man being shot in front of a child. Sad situation.


  8. Now anarchists, who have always had issues with the police, have used the anti-law enforcement sentiments associated with the shooting of African-Americans to cause mayhem.
    The USA seems to be on the brink of major civil unrest not seen since the 1960s Civil Rights era. BLACK LIVES MATTER. Every cop is not a racist.


    • Tell us the answer, because these white police officers don't seem to be letting up on black people, innocent or guilty. It seems deep down whites still feel they are a superior race and blacks are nothing. Killing them might not be the answer, but I feel no sympathy at the moment. KILLING OF BLACKS NEED TO STOP. We never asked anyone to go to Africa and transport us anywhere, to work us worse than animals; and after you've taken our sweat and blood, you turn around and try to wipe us out? I'm pissed!


  9. My fellow St Lucians, brothers and sisters in the good old U.S.A; Please weigh your options and if possible get out of the United States. I know it is difficult and I pray that the government of St Lucia allocate resources and create jobs so that home could be more welcoming for you.
    The hearts of men are growing wicked and cold; the turn of events seems to be indicating that there is some sort of civil war in the works. Please pray and ask God for guidance. If he wills for you to return home then he will provide.
    Thanks and may God bless all St Lucians.


  10. Only 4 dead ? All those who got shot should have been dead, "BlackLivesMatter" ..I Hate Cops Especially Those Killing My People ,Just A Matter foolsOf Time Before All You Get Shot .


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