INTERNATIONAL: Mom who microwaved her infant daughter to death gets 26 years to life in prison

INTERNATIONAL: Mom who microwaved her infant daughter to death gets 26 years to life in prison

oven20n-1-webNEW YORK DAILY NEWS – A Sacramento mom was sentenced to 26-years-to-life in prison on Friday for microwaving her one-month-old daughter to death.

Ka Yang, 34, put her infant Mirabelle Thao-Lo in the microwave for nearly five minutes back in March 2011 and was convicted of both first-degree murder and assault,according to KCRA-TV.

She pleaded not guilty to the charges.

Mirabelle suffered burns to 80% of her body — some deep enough to damage her internal organs, KOVR-TV reported. She was discovered burned from head-to-toe, but her hair and clothes were not singed.

“It was probably the worst case I’ve ever seen,” Sacramento County coroner’s office told the Sacramento Bee.



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    • Courts always Medically evaluate such matters before sentencing (Post-Natal, PMT. Insanity. Unstable etc). She was found to be as normal as most women, otherwise her lawyers would not have tried to criminalise Epileptic sufferers with their twisted version of events, as if they are medically Qualified to do so.


  1. BOTH she and her lawyer should be in Jail for a long time. She should have been given more years for pleading not guilty (meaning someone else did it) and her Lawyer for the contemptible excuse that epilepsy made her do it!! How could epilepsy make someone put a baby in a Microwave and switch it on!!?? WHAT next Bank robbery, Rape because of this illness!!?? Epilepsy make a sufferer immobile and fall to the floor when an episode occurs, so it is impossible to control ones actions. A Court Is where truth is suppose to be arrived at and justice is administered BUT Criminals masquerading as LAWYERS twist (with the judges help) truth and justice. WHY don't the Justice departments monitor and call in these CROOKS to give an account of their actions and take away their LICENCES. Too much work or don't want to upset friends??


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