INTERNATIONAL: Mom shackles her 8-y-o daughter to lamppost for missing school

By NY Post

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kidshackledNY POST – Malaysian cops let a mom off with a wrist slap when she chained her daughter to a lamppost — explaining that it was only the “first time” the child was publicly shackled.

The mom locked her 8-year-old in a misguided attempt to teach her a lesson for playing hooky, according to reports.

The mortified child was left in tears, sucking her thumb, as she stood shackled to the metal post outside the family’s apartment in Kuala Lumpur.

Passers-by were unable to free the poor girl, who remained stuck for more than an hour until cops arrived.

She told them that her 30-year-old mom would be back shortly after she chained her as punishment for skipping school.


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  1. why ur hurting ur daughter monster

  2. Bravo. ..we need some of these mothers here. ... Too many children are just fooling around in this country.


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