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INTERNATIONAL: Man ‘taken to hospital after waiting 10 days at airport for online lover who never turns up’

By Independent (UK)

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hunanINDEPENDENT (UK) – A Dutch man who flew to China to meet a woman he met online has had to be treated in hospital with exhaustion after waiting at the airport for 10 days.

Alexander Peter Cirk, 41, refused to leave Changsha Huanghua International airport in Hunan after his online girlfriend, known as Zhang, failed to turn up.

Mr Cirk was eventually taken to the hospital suffering from physical exhaustion, according to Hunan TV.

He told the channel he had met Ms Zhang through a messaging app two months before and that they had planned for him to visit her.

Ms Zhang, 26, reportedly got in touch with the TV channel the day after to report her side of the story, explaining she “thought it was a joke”.


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  1. first of all she would have to come to me ............on her own dime to prove herself lollolol.

  2. Mate get a stone in fact a big rock to hold. Serves him right I'm sure he has a wife or girlfriend he refused to pay attention to.

  3. JOKE? Y'all think all man on dem JOKE ting

  4. There are too few women to men in terms of ratios in China. The dating relationship sites are 'monitored' like all things in China, by the government. It is like North Kore. It is a a kind of 'free' communist country. That is if you can wrap your head around that.
    People around the world keep forgetting how manipulated everything in China still is to this day. It is a communist country people. Stop fooling yourselves.
    President Bush saw a market for American products. The Chinese government saw a huge treasure trove of intellectual property to just 'get'. They have copied enough to take over the mobile technology frontier. The one-child per family policy will make the Chinese men to women imbalance or ratio even greater or more acute in the coming years.

  5. ahhhhh boy, the power of the famous GOOD GOOD. make you fly all the way to china and japan

  6. They should charge her. You dont play with ppl emotions like that.

  7. Poor guy. The things we do for love.


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