INTERNATIONAL: Man sentenced to death in Saudia Arabia for “insulting Quran and spreading atheism”


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*Photo credit: CNN

CNN – Hundreds of writers around the world have joined human rights groups in urging Saudi Arabia to release a poet who faces the death sentence on charges of “apostasy” for his poetry.

Palestinian poet and artist Ashraf Fayadh, 35, was sentenced to death by a court in the southwestern Saudi city of Abha earlier this month on a series of blasphemy charges, according to Human Rights Watch, which viewed the trial documents.

The charges included insulting the “Divine Self” and the Prophet Mohammed, mocking the Quran and spreading atheism.

Fayadh had originally been handed a lesser sentence of four years in prison and 800 lashes on the charge of having inappropriate relations with members of the opposite sex.

The court had dismissed a prosecution request for a death sentence on the apostasy charge, citing Fayadh’s declared “repentance” and testimony that indicated hostility between Fayadh and the complainant, HRW said.


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  1. Isn't this the country where St Lucias' new diplomat comes from?

    Shocking death sentance to pass on this poet - dictatorship of the mind

    Hope the world objects loud enough to see him get his freedom/life back.

    I hope St Lucia Government lodges our objection to this horrific madness

  2. sooo...he leaves pakistan, goes to saudia arabia (strongly religious country) and write about atheism insulting their gods? shuld have stayed in pakistan to write ur stuff bruh...silly thing to do

  3. So many people dead in the name of "God".


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