INTERNATIONAL: Man seeks restraining order against God

INTERNATIONAL: Man seeks restraining order against God

godINDEPENDENT (UK) – An Israeli man has petitioned for a restraining order against God, claiming the almighty has been particularly unkind to him over the years and that the police are unable to do anything.

The man, named by Israeli news site NRG as David Shoshan, represented himself at a court hearing in Haifa, a port city in the north of Israel. The report noted that God was not present to defend himself.

The court heard God had been particularly unkind to Mr Shoshan, treating him “harshly and not nicely”, though no specific details were given about what exactly had happened to make him feel this way.

Mr Shoshan claimed he made several attempts to contact police to report God’s alleged crimes, and that patrol cars had been sent to his house on 10 occasions.

However, the measure was ineffective against the deity and police advised him to take out a restraining order.



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  1. So god is white? What a chaos after all what they've done to indigenious people? This man is outer space.


  2. It must be an Atheist Zionist Jew or some kind of Feminist Jew. Orthodox Jews believe in the Messiah, but Atheist and Feminist Jews do not believe in an Almighty.


  3. This man clearly has severe mental health issues. He should be sectioned after putting forth such a ludicrous case. On the lighter side it was funny but disturbing.


  4. what an idiot what this guy needs is a mental check up and i dont get why a court of law would endulge in such nonsence


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