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INTERNATIONAL: Man gets 485 years in prison for rape


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MIAMI HERALD – A Miami man who claims to a “sovereign citizen” must serve a whopping 485 years in prison for repeatedly raping a 16-year-old and forcing her to cut herself as a form of punishment.

A judge this week handed down the sentence for E-Yage Bowens, a 40-year-old salesman who insisted that he was immune from U.S. laws. At one pretrial hearing, Bowens represented himself and even cross-examined the teenage victim, an honors student who is now bound for college on a scholarship.

At trial in May, jurors took less than three hours to convict Bowens of sexual battery and child abuse. Circuit Judge Stephen Millan handed down the stiffest sentence allowed for the convictions.

Miami-Dade police arrested Bowens in January 2011 after the girl told her mother that the man forced himself on her for months “for the purpose of teaching her how to connect through sexual energy with her future sexual partners.”

As punishment for disobeying him, Bowens also forced her to cut her hands and feet, prosecutor Laura Adams told jurors during trial.

Bowens has, over the years, filed an array of handwritten lawsuits against attorneys and judges involved in his criminal case. “I do not now nor have I ever lived in the United States,” he wrote in one. “Nor do I have any intentions of doing so in the future.”

All the lawsuits have failed.


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  1. A sentence of 485 years in prison for rape has evoked incredulity and passion. What I find perplexing is that an international issue has not given St Lucians permission to look at how rape is dealt with or not dealt with by the society. It is clear in American society that the act is heinous and the perpetrator having lived out his life in prison, his soul will be in eternal punishment. If that man is a Christian or Buddhist his afterlife is damned. No amount of ”Hail Marys and Our Fathers” will blot out his sin. The message is clear; there should not be any tolerance in that society for rape.
    For the raped victim, such a sentence can go a little way in exonerating and hopefully allow the individual to heal the body, the mind and the spirit, and his/her social network. Rape does not just injure the victim on personal levels; it injures everyone who nurtured and cared for that person, including the wider society.
    In the 90s, I attended a conference on rape together with 300 black women delegates, we were told the unpalatable fact that “one in four black women is subjected to rape in her life time. If the statistic is true, in the group, over 70 women were rape victims or will be!
    So, Lucian, be brave, shine the torch in your own faces, what messages are you sending perpetrators of rape? Forgive and forget? We’ll hide your dirty little secrets, because it’s too shameful and ruinous, so that it becomes insidious and toxic?
    I think moral society needs courage, it needs to braces itself to discuss and educate, that the unthinkable (rape), does not only happen elsewhere; it happens in our midst! High legal penalties must be exacted; otherwise, rapists can turn civilize citizens into stone-aged people.

  2. God of death Anubus

    Who about our ancestors bringing charges against thise who rape. The women the men, the girls and tbe boys of our People??? And this is goi6on for decades..we show compassion for the, but quick6to hang our Brothers..we don't know the real truth that went down so don't judge the brother. And I'm not advocating for brothers to rape ours and be cool about that. Totally against that..when u have knowledge of the law & self knowledge. Its a treath. You are considered dangerous...

  3. Freedom of Speech

  4. I think that sentencing a person 485yrs in prison, is only making a mockery of the judicial system. What he did was very wrong, but why did she wait so long to report it? After reading the man's comments, this man controlled by some evil sprit. Having said that, don't be too quick to condemn him. There are others out there who are doing the same and much more. They just have not been caught. Say a prayer for him cause we all have glass windows and should be careful how we throw our stones.

  5. The age of consent in the U.S. Is 18

  6. porjab...misya fu

  7. I thought age of consent was 12 to 18 in the US. Rape must b punished but like the previous comment. When did it become rape

  8. The dumbest thing is when you hear one is imprisoned for centuries. OK the oldest one will live now is maybe 120 or a Lil longer. He's faced with 485 years in prison.....skeletons in prison...

  9. That's all you do on this site wait when people are making their comments insult people when it is expected of us to be good citizen.For such a simple comment you already calling a person whom u don't even know a baboon and a ass?This is unbelievable.Aren't we christian people?Right here we are showing foreign investors who we are.How do you know they are not reading our comments?Rapists and murderers are movtivated by our own bad tongues.The bible has spoken about deceitful tongues towards other people.Telling people to shut up their backside hole?You are trying to convince people about crime TAA,when you are commiting more crime against your fellow men.Do you think this guy will ever change his ways under your supervision?For someones oppinion you are so upset to the point of stressing your viens or get a stroke?Honestly,i will stop reading comments on this site.Obama,himself said that,every American should be treated equal when the police choked a black guy to death.So,of course he can get involve as the president of America.There are sentencing in America that are base on the colour of your skin.Look,they just took down a racist flag down in America from way back when Malchom X and Martin Luther King era.So,i agreed with followus points.Life is not all about how you think but,how other people think too.

  10. Wtf does this have to do with seriously u expect POTUS to preside over ridiculous judicial cases. Clearly the man put his d#%k in a hole that was too small & too young, now he gets a cell that's too small an a prison term as long as his d#%k. Justice served. End of story.

  11. He will be out soon no justice Lol

  12. This guy looks like Kevin Durant with Dreds! Wow.

  13. I don't get it, she told her mother he's been forcing himself on her for "months" ??????? So was the first time rape? What about the second or third time? When did it become rape? And why didn't she say something after the first time, after all he has been forcing himself on her for "months"!!!!!!!

    • It became statutory rape from the first time this adult man decided to have sex with a minor. Sex with a minor is never consensual, no matter how long it been occurring.

  14. So what makes you think this is political? He committed a crime, he should be punished. It don't matter of he was white, grown folks needs pay for their actions and stop feel pity when shit hits the fan.

  15. follow\\\/ us/\//

    It's a crippling situation,i have notice when guys with locks on their heads do crime and afterwards their assiociates come out and that,he wasn't a rasta.You hear that,all the time in St.lucia.Far more beyond that too,it appears to me thee offenders who are black.Their penalties seems to be more out-cast behind bars than if you're white.Obama,doesn't seems to show any care in the equalisation of human rights.

    • @followus You must be a baboon if you think that race has any bearing on this crime. HE'S A RAPIST, end of story. Dreadlocks or not, black or white, what the ass does that have to do with his punishment?

      If your contribution to this article makes any sense at all then what's you're suggesting is equality would mean a lesser sentence for his raping a minor?

      You should be incarcerated with him for such a ridiculous statement, nonsensical and small minded comment. Shut your backside hole and get over it.


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