INTERNATIONAL: Man charged with murder in ‘assassination’ of 9-y-o Tyshawn Lee

INTERNATIONAL: Man charged with murder in ‘assassination’ of 9-y-o Tyshawn Lee
Corey Morgan has been charged with first-degree murder. *Photo credit: CNN

CNN – Four weeks after alleged gang members lured 9-year-old Tyshawn Lee into an alley and killed him — a slaying that some in violence-riddled Chicago called a new low — the city’s police superintendent announced the arrest of one man Friday and vowed to “obliterate” the “criminal” group he belonged to.

“That gang just signed its own death warrant,” Superintendent Garry McCarthy said. “We’re going to go in and destroy that gang and, by the way, the rival gang, too.”

McCarthy said Corey Morgan, a 27-year-old “documented gang member (and) convicted felon,” is in custody on a first-degree murder charge. But police don’t think Morgan was alone, saying he acted “in concert” with two others. McCarthy didn’t name one, who is in custody on an unrelated charge; the other, Kevin Edwards, is at large.

“Who drove the car, who was on the scene, who pulled the trigger is all being worked on to delineate it,” the superintendent said. “But we do know that these were the individuals who were involved in this.”

The afternoon of November 2, officials say, men approached young Tyshawn as he played basketball with friends at a Chicago playground. They led him to an alley and, with a single gun, shot the boy.



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