INTERNATIONAL: Man brutally assaulted at fast food eatery after offering to help pay for meal

By Fox News

2017-03-16-08_42_05-man-brutally-assaulted-at-fast-food-eatery-after-offering-to-help-pay-for-meal-_FOX NEWS – A man who offered to lend two men some cash to cover their meal at a Brooklyn eatery ended up beaten and robbed for trying to help, authorities say.

Earlier this month, a 37-year-old customer was sitting in a booth at a Texas Chicken & Burgers in Brooklyn, police said.

After two men walked into the restaurant, one of them loudly declared that no one would give him a dollar.

The victim offered to help pay for their meal, but that just set the attackers off.

One of them replied, “I’ve got money, I’ve got money” — and the man sitting in the booth was then told to “mind your f***ing business!” police sources told the Daily News.

They then started punching the 37-year-old man and tried grabbing his cane, police sources said.

The victim swung his cane back at his attackers, but suddenly three other men ran inside the restaurant and joined the beat down, punching and kicking the victim in his head and body.

After the assault, another man came into the restaurant and went through the prone and bleeding victim’s pockets, apparently taking items, before fleeing with the rest of the suspects.

As the injured man lay on the ground, two customers apparently ordered dinner as if nothing had happened.

“Can I get No. 12?” one woman asked a cashier, with the victim curled up on the floor behind her, sources said.

The victim suffered broken bones, including his nose, along with cuts and bruises. He was taken to a hospital and was reportedly in stable condition.

Watch video of the disturbing attack above.

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