INTERNATIONAL: Man blows $1M on cars, strippers and cocaine after bank glitch

INTERNATIONAL: Man blows $1M on cars, strippers and cocaine after bank glitch

161209-student-over-draft-error-featureNEW YORK POST – A debt-ridden student blew $1.3 million on sports cars, speed boats, strippers and cocaine after a bank error gave him an unlimited overdraft.

Wannabe playboy Luke Moore lived the high life for two years before he was caught by cops and jailed on fraud charges.

The Australian treated himself to luxury holidays, a $57,000 Aston Martin, a $22,000 Maserati and a $33,000 boat while living the ultimate bachelor lifestyle.

But he was slapped with a four-year jail term last year after the banking glitch came to light.

Moore, 29, went free last week after winning an appeal of his conviction on the grounds that his actions were not deceptive.



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  1. A two year live as you like holiday,,,then a four year stint compliments of the tax payers,,, thats the life


  2. The same banking system enriches those who are not deserving. The guy lived the life of a banker for two years, its just that our society doesn't punish bankers, they given them a bailout from those same citizens savings. Was the ordinary man to be blamed for the world "financial meltdown" where he lost his savings and still had to contribute to the bailing out of the very institutions who were the source of his demise?


  3. Once we see money we become blind. He is debt ridden and instead of using that money to clear his debt, he buy all kind of things he don't need. That's like the people who say winning the lottery won't change them....until they get that grand prize . Smh


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