INTERNATIONAL: Malnourished teen weighing 47 pounds found in cockroach-infested home

INTERNATIONAL: Malnourished teen weighing 47 pounds found in cockroach-infested home

HUFFINGTON POST – Police searching a home in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, for drugs found a 15-year-old boy weighing just 47 pounds lying on a cot and covered in cockroaches.

The child, who was reportedly suffering from a seizure when police found him, was taken to a local hospital in critical condition. His mother, Rose Holland, 49, was arrested on drug and child cruelty charges, WFSB reports.

The investigation began Wednesday when police responded to a noise complaint at the home. An officer saw Holland and 54-year-old Cathy Fort sitting in a car outside, and heard music blasting inside.

“Holland was instructed to go inside the residence and turn the music down,” Baton Rouge Police Cpl. Don Coppola told The Times-Picayune. “Before Holland exited the vehicle, officers observed a clear glass pipe with pieces of what appeared to be crack cocaine.”

After arresting the pair on drug charges, an officer went inside to check for more contraband. That’s when cops found the malnourished child, who was stuck to a cot and covered in feces and urine, KATC reports. Investigators say he spent days at a time stuck to the cot, and had severe bed sores and bug bites all over his body.

He was taken by ambulance to the hospital. Both Fort and Holland were charged with possession of crack cocaine and drug paraphernalia, and Holland was slapped with an additional charge of cruelty to a juvenile.


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    • This is his mother. I don't think they would show his picture in a case like that. Let America know that these things don't happen in St.Lucia and these are the things they have to get involved in.




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