INTERNATIONAL: It cost Canada $43 million to support the royal family in 2015

INTERNATIONAL: It cost Canada $43 million to support the royal family in 2015

prince-george-royal-familyBUSINESS INSIDER – Get the fancy dinnerware out, the Royal family is in town. Will and Kate are making an appearance in BC to remind us they’re still in charge.

We’re not prudes, we’re just cranky millennials – so we’re still going to celebrate. Every day of the tour, we’re going to look at how well the loyal subjects of the Commonwealth realm are doing. You know, just to see how much bang for our buck we get.
The Cost Of The Monarchy

Oh, you didn’t know it costs us anything? It’s actually one of the pricier things we do in Canada. According to the Governor General’s financial report, we spent approximately $20.86 million last year.

Although, there is a line item in the annual report that isn’t mentioned in the financials. The “support from other government departments” tallies up to another $22.06 million. Is $42.92 million starting to sound a little more significant?

Hidden Fees

Then there’s the hidden costs. The monarchy’s provincial lieutenant – governors are covered for expenses. The last number we could obtain worked out to $7,604,502 in 2012. A good portion of it is maintaining stately properties, like the 29-room Fanningbank in PEI. Oh, and that doesn’t include royal visits, like the one Will and Kate are on right now.

There’s no final price tag on how much the visit will cost Canadians, but using previous visits as a guide, we peg it at around $137,500/day. That works out to around $1.5 million – excluding the cost of gifts THEY give. If it sounds like a lot, it is. The cost of hosting Will and Kate is 3x the amount given to study foreign ownership by the federal government. Or 75% of the projected revenue to come in from theVancouver Vacant Home tax. Not exactly chump change to fly them around for a vacation.


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  1. Wouldn't that money be better spent helping the truly needy of the world instead of wining & dining the royal thieves?...Worst thing ever to happen was something called "Governments" & "Royalty".


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