INTERNATIONAL: Israeli police officer caught on video pushing Palestinian man out of wheelchair

INTERNATIONAL: Israeli police officer caught on video pushing Palestinian man out of wheelchair

wheelchair2INDEPENDENT (UK) – An Israeli police officer has been caught on camera pushing a Palestinian man out of his wheelchair.

Amateur video shows the soldier urging the disabled man to move away from the scene, where a young girl’s body appears to be lying on the ground.

As the man in the wheelchair refuses, the officer proceeds to tip his chair, forcing him to the floor.

Members of the shocked crowd then rush to the Palestinian man’s aid, before another officer is seen pointing his gun in a man’s face and a stun grenade is thrown towards those looking on.

The incident occurred after the young girl pictured lying in the road was shot, having allegedly stabbed an Israeli soldier.



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  1. There can never be peace until the "Savior" returns. All what is happening
    right before your very eyes is the fulfillment of a prophesy, I find it strange
    that you are not aware of. There is to be much destruction unfortunately,
    but do not let that bother you; if you are a believer, believe, wait and pray.


  2. I have two big problems with this Israeli/Palestinian issue: the Jews being thrown out of Germany and not having a country to call their own has nothing to do with the Palestinians. The Germans/Europeans are the ones accountable for that. If it had nothing to do with the Palestinians why are they ones paying for it. I grew up seeing Palestine in my atlas not Israel.

    I also find damn difficult to understand why, according to the bible, god's chosen are so vengeful? Why did god have to place his chosen right in the midst their enemies? If this is means of testing their faith I don't think they are doing a good job of it. As a Jew I would have preferred my homeland to have been the USA for example where it is extremely more quiet. Then again it would still have the same problem. They would have to displace the Indians to acquire the land.


    • If you read the guy in the wheel chair was probably being an imbecile. If the girl stabbed a soldier in an already dangerous environment, not because he in a wheelchair means he isnt dangerous and shouldn't be excused because he is disabled.




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