INTERNATIONAL: ISIS issues fatwa to exterminate disabled children

INTERNATIONAL: ISIS issues fatwa to exterminate disabled children

fatwa15n-4-webNEW YORK DAILY NEWS – ISIS has hit a new low with its latest innocent target, going after and killing disabled children.

The radical terrorist group has issued an order to exterminate children with Down syndrome, the Mosul Eye reported.

The Sharia Board of the deranged Islamic State group issued a fatwa to “kill newborn babies with Down syndrome and congenital deformities and disabled children,” the Iraqi watchdog blog reported.


isisThe group confirmed more than 38 cases where the terrorist organization executed babies born with disabilities using either lethal injection or suffocation.

The victims were ages 1 week to 3 months, and killed in Syria and Mosul.



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  1. That which I feared the most is right now coming in blazing reality.
    This is much more dangerous than the Nazi of yesterday. It has been
    predicted/prophesied by a very reliable monk who lived a couple hundred
    years ago, whose predictions all became true, that this present Pope will be
    the very last Pope. Francis knows, and this is what I fear the most, he is not
    fearful of what "man" does to him. His home is not of this world, he will soon
    have to go when he is called home.
    Then what happens? The last Crusade? ALL HELL BREAKS LOOSE. I hope I wont
    be around to witness the reality of it all. Humanity is tottering at the brink of destruction, Israel is a definite target, and so is every big capital city in the world.


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