INTERNATIONAL: Husband wants divorce after wife spends wedding night texting

INTERNATIONAL: Husband wants divorce after wife spends wedding night texting

texting1NY POST – A Saudi Arabian bride spent her wedding night texting her pals instead of consummating her marriage — so her husband filed for a divorce just hours after they were hitched.

The couple was sitting in a hotel room following their ceremony in Jeddah when the bride got busy with her phone, responding to congratulatory messages from her friends rather than paying attention to her new mate, Saudi media reported.

“The groom tried to get closer with her and more intimate, but he was shocked when she ignored him, not responding to his words or action,” a relative told Al Watan, a daily newspaper in Saudi. “When he asked her if her friends were more important than he was, the bride answered that they were.”

Her response infuriated her husband, who walked out on his wife and said he was ending their short union.

A local court tried to patch things up for the newlyweds, recommending that they try to reconcile, but the unsatisfied man wouldn’t budge on his divorce demand, according to Gulf News.



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  1. But by right your phone is not suppose to be on while you on your honeymoon. That should be off. From what I see its two things either she was texting another man or she was not ready to get married. That's the time for twenty toes.


  2. I guess in the first place she wasn't ready to get married if she gave a husband such a response.


  3. i damn agree ,aa woman its our night and i trying and get some good good you want to play with phone and talk to friends! before i divorce you i was mashing up the damn phone too. some women just like to disrespect man and belittle them and not know their role in a marriage, its part of your wifely duty to pay some attention to your husband. i hope your friends are congratulating you on your divorce right now . stupid


    • Don't be so dumb. Woman smarter than that.

      The man was most likely on her last nerve and she wanted out, but she probably wanted the attention from the nice dress and ceremony. Then made him do the work to end it and save herself the effort. Her response alone says it all. Lmao.


      • you telling people dont be so dumb but you have the most dumbest statement making to try and justify the actions of the wife to make her seem right


        • Whoa there caveman! No need to take this so seriously. Note the use of the words "most likely" and "probably". How was I justifying her actions? Just because I posed a different scenario stating that she probably didn't want to be married in the first place. I mean seriously. Which woman who WANTS to be with her husband will act like that?

          But you do sound like a loose cannon. Mashing up phones and such. The thought or actuality of this denial of "wifely duty" really upsetting you. You don't play by your "good good". Lol. Maybe you should get a plastic doll if you don't already have one. Definitely won't say no ......


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