International Girls in ICT Day

International Girls in ICT Day

(PRESS RELEASE) – April 23, 2020 commemorates the 4th International Girls in ICT Day (Information and Communications Technology). Girls in ICT day is a global initiative that seeks to inspire, empower and encourage girls to not only take up studies and careers but to take leadership positions in ICT.

The role of ICT in different careers cannot be underplayed. Today ICT has become integral to all industries and major economy driver. It is important to introduce children to ICT skills at an early age, particularly as the future job will be driven by existing and new technology.

The international Telecommunications Union (ITU) estimates a skills shortfall of over two million jobs in the Information and Communications Technology (ICT) industry. Globally, it has been recognized that girls are under-represented in ICT and the context of the reasons are similar; they range from the perceived roles of women, confidence/visibility and opportunity for technical progression. Investing in giving more girls learning opportunities in ICT fields is an investment in the collective growth of a nation; since females account for fifty percent (50%) of the society. It therefore means that women and girls who are trained in ICTs will be poised to fill the skills gap and contribute to more competitive economies.

Unlike other years, International Girls in ICT Day conferences and related activities have had to adopt a virtual modality.

As organisers of several forums collectively admit, the event of the COVID-19 pandemic has forced a relevant and necessary change in the format of the celebrations. This demonstrates to girls the power of technology in solving global problems.

In the calendar of this year’s celebration Caribbean Girlz Hack and CARICOM organised digital dialogues and virtual conference under the theme: “Expand Horizons, Change Attitudes.” These forums will feature a number of women from Saint Lucia, the region and across the globe who have either changed or are looking to change the dialogue as it relates to Girls in ICT.

With over 40 speakers and topics ranging from Artificial Intelligence to Social Media; these forums are expected to be provide a resource pool to change the role of women and girls in the ICT space. to register

CARICOM Girls in ICT Partnership Hosts First Digital Dialogue on International Girls in ICT Day


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