INTERNATIONAL: Forensic facial expert reconstructs Jesus Christ’s face using ancient skulls

INTERNATIONAL: Forensic facial expert reconstructs Jesus Christ’s face using ancient skulls

12391960_997909350272914_3876796465835107369_nINDEPENDENT (UK) – Do you recognise this man?

He appears a world-away from western representations of Jesus Christ but using forensic data from the skulls of ancient first century Jewish men, a British anatomical artist has reimagined the face of the son of God.

Depictions of Christ predominantly show a white, clean shaven man with long, flowing blonde locks.

But the reality may have been very different.

Richard Neave, formerly a professor at Manchester University, constructed the image after he examined three Semites’ skulls from around Galilee in northern Israel using methods more frequently employed to identify victims of crimes as part of a BBC series more than a decade ago.



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  1. The destructive but successful corrupt agenda of the liberal establishment (media; academia; politicians) has as one of its foundational tactics the destruction of the Judeo Christian ethos that made Western civilization great.

    This recent report which the liberal media has been spreading blatently shows academia's attempt at every turn to demean Christianity. No one doubts that it is possible that Christ was short haired and slightly darker than the usual image portrayed. But the fact that this so called 'image' that corrupt so called 'experts' can come up with is a bemused slightly deranged looking individual shows the extent progressives will go. This image could easily have been a good looking or average looking individual but in order to attack Christianity these liberals produce instead a crazy looking guy.
    This liberal agenda has been successful as we see from the mayhem in the world today as the liberal elite rape and plunder our societies.
    Trying to force a crazed looking Chrisy as the inage is part of the plan.


  2. The Bible describes Jesus as a A BLACK MAN.
    The white man is the descendant of Esau.
    They are evil, vile, violent and highly Immoral.


  3. These Racist, Godless people won't find a proper job. How do they know this is Jesus!!?? They were many men then and still are today who are named Jesus. Don't anyone give any serious thought that this is the Christ because Jesus body was taken by GOD. Also I don't think God would send his Perfect son among Imperfect men who would look far more handsome than what is presented here. The Devils followers are always chipping away at our Faith in the truth.


    • u are so brainwashed by what the white man been feeding us all these years about a white jesus that if science comes around to prove that jesus could have never been a white man u are already taking offence and calling all psalms on the research...yow look into the mirror breathe out and ask did jesus ever had a barber back then to give him those clean shaves??? dont be this is the way...not some whitewashed story being forced into our learning


      • Where in my comments do you see that I say Christ is a White man!!?? or that I agree with the rubbish printed!!?? You have seriously made a mistake here. But then the fools who appear to agree with you by marking thumbs down show that none of you have properly read my item, READ it again and point out your objections.


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