International footballers with Saint Lucian heritage make history

International footballers with Saint Lucian heritage make history
From left: Joe, age 17; Matthew, 20; and Chris, 19.
From left: Joe, age 17; Matthew, 20; and Chris, 19.
From left: Joe, age 17; Matthew, 20; and Chris, 19.

Three British brothers with strong Saint Lucian ties made football history in England on Monday night when they appeared in the same game: an under-23 clash between Arsenal and Manchester United.

The brothers, Joe, Chris, and Matthew Willock, ages 17, 19, and 20, respectively, were born in England but have an aunt, Marie Louis, and other close relatives who were born and live in Saint Lucia.

Joe and Chris play for Arsenal while Matthew play for Manchester United.

According to the Sun (UK) newspaper, it is believed to be the first time in over 35 years that three professional footballing brothers have played in the same game, something the fans in attendance should never forget.

On that historical night this week, Chris and Matthew both started the game, and when Arsenal introduced the youngest brother Joe in the 46th minute, the game took an intriguing turn, the Sun reported.

The game ended in a draw, 2-2. United rallied from two goals down.

The Willock trio have had talks about visiting Saint Lucia to see the island’s football potential.

CLICK HERE to read the Sun’s full article on the historical game.


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  1. An aunt choopse that's so embarassing this article really made me feel ashame and i live in London awa ee....I ciah boast dem fellars....wdmc choopse muen hort kmt


  2. What's wrong with pointing out the roots? Other islands do it all the time. There's an old say that in order to know where you're going, one needs to know where he/she's from. Stop being so negative my people. No one mentioned that they will be playing for St Lucia. It was a historic night for them and football.


  3. St. Lucia really???? Looking everywhere for connection. Just now, it will be a friend of a friend.


  4. smh ever since the guys playing foot ball and am sure st lucia didnt give a rats foot about them but as they doing good and have st lucia heritage all of a sudden yall know about them. its funny when you a no body people dont know you and as soon as you rise thats when they want to know you. if yall guys ever come to st lucia take the talent and go with it cause sports down here is a waste of time and goes no where with no respect especially from individuals in authority. you much less have to get out of here for you to shine


    • Let it be up to them to make they choice because if football in st.Lucia is nothing and we hv free professional players that could help us reach somewhere why we cannot give them our support even if we just get to know about them it will always take one person to start something and others will follow.


  5. Big things are gwan, loosha on a role making us all proud worldwide. Fair Helen we thank you for your sons and daughters who strive to be the best at what they do and continue to be a motivation to the younger ones coming up. Bravo to you all!

    Jah lives!


  6. I was expecting the strong ties to be a father or mother but an aunt!? Hahaha. But if we can settle for that, I guess we will take it. Lol. Good game by the way.


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