INTERNATIONAL: Florida pastor caught with man’s wife, flees naked

By Local 10

2017-01-31-20_01_26-florida-pastor-caught-with-mans-wife-flees-nakedLOCAL 10 – A police report says a prominent Florida pastor was forced to run out of a house naked after a woman’s husband came home to find him having sex with his wife.

The Tallahassee Democrat reports police documents show a woman’s husband found her in bed with Pastor O. Jermaine Simmons in the middle of the afternoon on Jan. 17. The woman told police that her husband yelled that he was going to kill Simmons, who fled the apartment naked and hid behind a nearby fence. The husband took the pastor’s clothes, wallet and car keys and later agreed to return the items following negotiations with police.

Video posted online shows Simmons asking for forgiveness from his congregation at Tallahassee’s Jacob Chapel, saying “you cannot defend sin.”


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  1. Married men barely having daytime satisfaction and look how Pastor O there having his lunchtime Os! Pastor use holy spirit wrong. He should have seen husband coming. .... He needs a room in the church ...sound proof. Like he has no manners desecrating the man bed....or home...not sure he use bed. Handsome pastor though. Wifey done lost her mind on his looks.


  3. You confess because you were caught shame, shame, shame on you. You need salvation and stop using the pulpit for your own sinful gain.

  4. i dont take glory in other people misfortune but i glad and like this has happened cause to many a times some Christians act like as if they will never sin or have never sinned and are the most holiest of all hollies and when someone in the church does something they quick to discipline and most of them look down and point a finger and pass judgment on you. so in this situation it is clear even if you a christian that does not make you imunable to sin, you still are flesh and blood so you can sin if you let temptation in. and to those that like to say yes uh he acting like he a christian he not no christian give the people a break cause they not perfect even if most act like they are perfect, the only difference is what he did was wrong and especially as a christian should have known much better to dont do that.

  5. Boy is like pastors are the horniest buggers around! Ignore my name im not a real pastor but i PREACH IT! yuh see meh!

  6. You got caught you naughty boy, were you having jig a jig in the missionary position?


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