INTERNATIONAL: First human-pig embryos made, then destroyed


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_93817894_4-week-oldpigembryoCNN – To grow human organs within animal bodies has long been the dream of scientists wanting to provide transplantable hearts, lungs, kidneys and other organs for patients in need.

A glimpse of possible success in this elusive goal was seen Thursday.

Using stem cell technologies, researchers generated human cells and human tissues in the embryos of pigs and cattle. Their research appeared in the journal Cell.
Despite this milestone, integrating cells from human and animal species is proving difficult, and developing human organs remains at a considerable distance, said Dr. Jun Wu, a staff scientist in the gene expression laboratory at the Salk Institute and first author of the research.
“Species evolve independently, and many factors dictating the developmental programs might have diverged, which makes it difficult to blend cells from one species to a developing embryo from another,” Wu said. “The larger the evolutionary distance, the more difficult for them to mix.”
Or as senior author Juan Carlos Izpisua Belmonte, a professor in Salk’s gene expression laboratory, sees it, “To try to imitate nature is not that easy.”

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  1. yall shouldn't kill it yet let it grow to see what it will make


    • what it will make??? just now after their experiment may be successful for them to re enforce the point that man came from apes!!! that's madness !! ... i tell you signs of the times.. knowledge will increase and men shall run to and fro....


  2. I can't support this shit. If this is what it takes for me to live longer...Please let me die in peace and as a human...What if a human pig survives long enough to become a fully developed human, then we have a new specie of animal kind, intelligent enough but dangerous enough as well? probably mad at the world for creating it! Smh have they considered the fact that pigs are super intelligent?

    I Cant see good coming out of this, some knowlege crazy scientist will re create an embryo and keep it to himself!


    • lol calm down. I think they were simply using the pigs embryo as a medium to harvest human organs. similar to how if you lose a chunk on flesh on your leg, they use pig grafts to facilitate the reconstruction of the muscle, which is always a better alternative than using the flesh on your butt.

      The "man-pig" will never walk the earth. There are worse and more realistic apocalyptic options out there like sentient A.I. or nuclear war.


    • i agree.... i can't support this !!! amalgamation

      human transplant or whatever should be done with humans and same goes for animals of the same species...

      scientists just experimenting in all crap then more and more other people believe those fools and less of God.. but everyone has their reward.. some to eternal life with The Most High and some to everlasting destruction.


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