WScience Laboratories sponsored film to be made of the diabetes situation in St. Lucia

WScience Laboratories sponsored film to be made of the diabetes situation in St. Lucia
Dr. Juffali
Dr. Juffali

PRESS RELEASE – The prevalence of diabetes continues to increase in Saint Lucia and is among the leading causes of both morbidity and mortality. It also poses significant risk to the health of both the mother and baby during pregnancy.

Eight out of ten women who experience gestational diabetes develop type 2 diabetes in later life – a risk that is also passed onto their children.

The Ministry of Health, Wellness, Human Services and Gender Relations is pleased to announce the launch of an exciting joint initiative around gestational diabetes in collaboration with Medical Aid Films, an international NGO that produces educational films for women and frontline health workers.

Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Health, Wellness, Human Services and Gender Relations, Cointha Thomas noted, ‘In the face of a global epidemic of non-communicable diseases, such as diabetes, it is vital that our citizens are empowered with life-saving knowledge and healthy living strategies.

We welcome the partnership with Medical Aid Films to address the lesser-known problem of gestational diabetes and the opportunity to promote wider diabetes prevention education through the engaging nature of film.’

This initiative was made possible through the generous technical and financial support of WScience Laboratories (AG) and its Chairman, Dr Walid Juffali.  WScience Laboratories pioneers synergies through science and technology to advance personal healthcare and lifestyles and actively supports initiatives and organisations such as Medical Aid Films that work in tandem to achieve these goals – in this case, to raise awareness through the cost effective and efficient dissemination of information through available technologies.

The film, which will be shot on location in Saint Lucia early next year, will share important education around gestational diabetes and how to prevent the subsequent onset of type 2 diabetes in both mother and child.

The film will be freely available to support education and awareness about gestational diabetes and prevention of type 2 diabetes by April 2016.


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  1. The person behind the Jufali story know why and know who will benefit from this project wait and see watch this space people watch these people only serving themselves and needs


  2. What an insult to Saint Lucians. Basically what This government is saying to us is "to hell with what you think" Walid Juffali is here whether you want it or not! Kenny nor his sidekick Hilaire does not give one f&@k about what Lucians think - Saint Lucia is for sale for peanuts and Juffali is buying. People open your eyes and look at what is happening. Who parent / relative is going to benefit more from this diabetes project? Questions queations - who gained from giving up a diplomatic position at IMO for Juffali? At what cost? This is a whole new level of deceit by this government. Bitter days awa


  3. The government not feeling any shame! you mean the best they can say that Juffalli do is a film on diabetes! those people are desperate. As if Lucians will be foolish enough to be fooled. Bitter days are here. We tasting it now.


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