FIFA approves expansion of World Cup to 48 teams

FIFA approves expansion of World Cup to 48 teams
The 2018 Fifa World Cup

world-cup-trophy2INDEPENDENT (UK) – Fifa have voted unanimously in favour of expanding the World Cup from 32 to 48 teams, with the changes set to be introduced at the 2026 tournament after being approved at a Fifa Council meeting in Zurich.

The Fifa council confirmed on Tuesday morning that it had unanimously voted in favour of the new format, which will involve 16 groups of three teams that sees the top two qualify for a knockout round of 32.

The 211 member associates had five available options to choose from, with two 40-team plans, two 48-team plans and the current 32-team model, and have chosen to go with the 48-team option that will see 16 extra qualification spots created for the 2026 World Cup, which is likely to be held in North America.

Only the third-place nations will be eliminated in the group stage under the new plans, as opposed to the current system that sees two sides from each group sent home.

The plans will see the total number of games increase from 64 to 80, although teams will still play a similar number of matches during the World Cup with the four semi-finalists playing seven games – the same as the current model.



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  1. They need to expand it to 200 teams for Lucia to make it, we have nine years for the next Pele to rise up in St Lucia and lead us to the World Cup for the first time in our history.

    I am tired of backing Brazil as a St Lucian.


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