INTERNATIONAL: Driver hits and kills woman, smashes into cars, tries to steal vehicle in New York

INTERNATIONAL: Driver hits and kills woman, smashes into cars, tries to steal vehicle in New York
The driver of a white Mercedes Benz struck and killed a woman in Brooklyn and then smashed into other vehicles while fleeing, police said. *Photo credit: New York Daily News

NEW YORK DAILY NEWS – A manical driver blazed a path of destruction on a Brooklyn street Thursday night — hitting an SUV and then fatally striking a woman before smashing into several cars, cops and witnesses said.

The gruesome Thanksgiving night wreck on Pennsylvania Ave. in East New York ended with the 24-year-old driver trying to carjack passing vehicles, a scene so outrageous that one witness likened it to a violent video game.

“He was just trying to run on the other side (of the street) to try and open people’s car doors as they’re driving … like it was ‘Grand Theft Auto,’” said Tianna Humphrey, 18. “It was just so crazy.”

The accident unfolded about 7:15 p.m. when the driver of a white Mercedes-Benz hit a Nissan Murano that was stopped at a light. As he tried to flee, he then struck the 56-year-old woman, who was getting into her Toyota Sienna near Stanley Ave., police said.



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