INTERNATIONAL: “Donald Trump’s success is frightening” – Tony Blair


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103433392-GettyImages-513157174.530x298MSNBC – Donald Trump’s wins in the U.S. primary elections are worrying and highlight the rising popularity of insurgent political movements around the world, former U.K. Prime Minister Tony Blair said on Wednesday.

Trump surprised some pundits with his success in the Republican primaries this week and is projected to win in Virginia, Georgia, Tennessee, Arkansas, Massachusetts, Vermont and Alabama, NBC News has reported. His rival Ted Cruz is projected to win in Alaska, according to NBC News, after taking Texas and Oklahoma.

The businessman is known for his divisive views on immigration and was previously viewed as too maverick and extremist to succeed in his bid for the leadership of the Republican Party.

On Wednesday, Blair, who governed the U.K. between 1997 and 2007, expressed bemusement and dismay at the popularity of Trump and other polarizing politicians in the U.S. and Britain.

“Sometimes I look at politics today and wonder if I still understand it,” Blair said in a conference interview at the Global Financial Markets Forum in Abu Dhabi.


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  1. Yes Grace you are correct. After 12 years in St. Lucia I live now in multi cultural Panamá. Great country. About 8% of the population is from Jamaica, Barbados, Trinidad and St. Lucia. Most of them also speak a type of Patois. People in many countries are fed up with the established political class and civil "servants". In Panamá people are fed up with the corruption of the government.iToo many people are greedy in this whole world. I do trust that Allen will be the new PM. He does not need the money, he wants a better life for St. Lucians.

  2. Come on you think that Americans are so stupid that they want a share of Trump's billions? Thats ludicrous how much money does Trump have to share among so many millions? Even if many Americans are unqualified they can make educated decisions and its not like St. Lucia where you have even highly qualified people making uneducated decisions.

    All that has happen the people want politicians to be more decisive in trying to fulfill promises and their needs and less bureaucracy. That's the same thing that St. Lucians want. Just that we are not educated enough to stop patronizing political parties. That can all be proven in the Constitutional Reform debates that we had here. Politicians vs People, ended up being People vs People.


  4. After 7 years of the Obama liberal policies ,Obamacare, unemployment, Americans have had enough and are looking to reverse that trend. Blair is a fellow liberal who would not see the cause of the American people.

    • The Americans want change and need to be very, very careful. The Germans wanted change and elected Hitler and the rest is history!

      People want change and elect serpents who go on to poison and destroy vast amount of society, its wealth and cultures. If some of the American people think that Trump's billions will come their way they are mistaken. He does not have the ethics and humanitarian values of a Bill Gates!


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