INTERNATIONAL: Donald Trump will not be president, says Barack Obama

INTERNATIONAL: Donald Trump will not be president, says Barack Obama
United States (US) President Barack Obama
US President Barrack Obama.
US President Barrack Obama.

BBC – Republican Donald Trump will not be president because it’s a “serious job”, President Barack Obama has said.

“I continue to believe that Mr Trump will not be president. And the reason is because I have a lot of faith in the American people,” said Mr Obama.

Mr Trump, a billionaire businessman, is the frontrunner in the race to be his party’s choice for the White House.

He has won one state primary already, and leads the polls in South Carolina, where Republicans vote on Saturday.

Speaking at the Asean economic summit in California, the president was asked by a reporter about Mr Trump.

The electorate will not pick him, said Mr Obama, because “they recognise that being president is a serious job”.



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  1. Many of us including me supported this guy simply because he appeared as the first black presidential hopeful. We never vet him thoroughly and even forgot that his other half is white. This guy has allowed christians to be beheaded simply because they are christians. This is shameful and it is clear that he had an agenda to reduce america's might; because the Koran instructs that a muslim believer can pretend otherwise to do Allah's work which is to conquer the whole world and kill everyone who refuses to submit to the muslim faith.

    I pray that the Donald wins the USA's presidency. Only Trump has no ulterior motives and will do what is right/best for America and kill those Muslim Fanatics. When America is strong, the whole Caribbean is strong.

    Obama will go into history as the worst USA president ever!!!!


  2. I hope you are right President Obama.... for the sake of the world.
    In America a rich clown seeking the Presidential office is serious ominous business.


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