INTERNATIONAL: Doctors issue new year detox health warning

INTERNATIONAL: Doctors issue new year detox health warning


BBC – Doctors have issued a warning about the potential harms of undertaking a radical new year detox.

They highlight the case of a woman they treated last year who became critically ill after taking herbal remedies and drinking too much water.

The 47-year-old needed intensive care at Milton Keynes hospital.

She recovered with treatment, but her story is a reminder of the dangers of drastic detoxing, the medics say.



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  1. Drugs are failing and the world is going back to the herbs God created for us. The pharmaceutical sector is worried. Now they are on the attack, like the did to our coconut oil. "Drinking too much water"? I know of drinking too much water at one time can get one sick. We must learn how to sip water during the day and not drink all at one time. We should not be feeling thirsty. When we do feel thirsty it mean that our inside are already lack water.


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