INTERNATIONAL: Dad abandoned 3-year-old inside Subway

INTERNATIONAL: Dad abandoned 3-year-old inside Subway

NEW YORK POST – A 3-year-old girl was abandoned by her dad inside a Subway shop in Harlem on Saturday night — and the father later blubbered to cops that he was drunk and forgot about her, law-enforcement sources said.

Stanley Fredrique, 34, of Elmont in Queens was charged with child abandonment Sunday after the 11:30 p.m. incident at the sandwich shop on Saint Nicholas Avenue.

Witnesses said that when the little girl first saw her dad walking away from the store without her, the stricken child ran to the door and yelled after him “Daddy! Daddy!”

“And he came back and open the door and yelled, ‘Sit down! I’ll be back!’ and she just went and sat down,” said local worker Mohammed Rahman, 37.

“He appeared drunk. He was abnormally rude, the little girl said nothing, and he just yelled at her. Yelling ‘go inside!, sit down!, I come back!’” Rahman said.



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  1. For him to shout at her like that and the fact that she obeyed without hesitation tells exactly how that fool treats the little girl. He does not deserve to have her. Send her to me Mr. Judge and let him go to rehab. What the hell is he doing with a child on the street at this time of night when he is drunk. Where is her mother. Poor child.


  2. Please Mr if you don't want her, I would b surely glad to have her u didn't have to leave her in a subway, life is so precious, Jesus said suffer the little children unto me and do not send them away, y leave your little girl abandoned wensomeone like me would love to care for her. Please send her to me, she is welcome in my life and home. May gGod have mercy on your soul.


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