Daren Sammy makes donation to Saint Lucian healthcare workers

Daren Sammy makes donation to Saint Lucian healthcare workers

(PRESS RELEASE) – International cricketer and world-renowned sportsman from Saint Lucia Daren Sammy donated thousands of dollars worth of essential supplies to 23 medical workers from the Saint Jude Hospital in Vieux Fort.

Sammy saw the sacrifice that these healthcare professionals were making during this time, serving the community during COVID-19, and working long hours. Many of these workers do not have time to go grocery shopping before the curfew and some are working long night shifts.

After receiving this information, Sammy, through the Daren Sammy Foundation, decided to deliver grocery supplies to them at the hospital last Thursday.

According to Sammy: “We can all do our part whether it is reaching out to an elderly person in your community or just saying thank you to the many healthcare professionals who are on the front-line.”

He believes that greatness is an attitude. It’s “in you” and this is what healthcare professionals are exhibiting every day risking their own lives.

In extraordinary times such as now, it is important to appreciate the hard work of healthcare professionals, therefore Daren encourages others to reach out and offer support to them however you can.

The Daren Sammy Foundation is a non-profit, charitable organization set up with the aim of assisting the youth of Saint Lucia and develop future Champions.

Sammy is a former West Indies Cricket team captain and two-time T20 World Cup champion. He was awarded the order of the British Empire by Her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth II and is the only active international cricketer with a national stadium in his name.

To find out more about the work and the mission of the foundation visit https://darensammy.org/


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  1. Yeh boy..put your money where your mouth is!now i see you doing sumting worthwhile and not just estalaying in your luxury and criticizing...respect and keep it up,...not every wealthy person has the humilty to help persons in need!


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