INTERNATIONAL: Couple arrested in UAE for having sex outside of marriage

By NY Post

10372226_1546915815545701_8282115276502753079_nNY POST – A South African man and his new fiancee have been detained in the United Arab Emirates for having sex outside of marriage — after a doctor treated the woman for stomach cramps and discovered she was pregnant, a report says.

Emlyn Culverwell‚ 29, and Iryna Nohai, 27, were both arrested in Abu Dhabi on Jan. 27 following the medical checkup, according to News24.

The newly engaged couple have reportedly remained in custody ever since.

“The only thing they did wrong was fall in love,” explained Culverwell’s mother, Linda.

Nohai, who hails from the Ukraine, claimed to be suffering from stomach cramps and had been rushed to Medeor Medical Centre in Yas Mall before she and Culverwall were taken into custody, News24 reports.


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  1. 1 .dont go there if u dont like their laws it is what it is 2.they live in a stone age past, thats how they roll.

  2. If you don't like the law don't go and live in their country of course. Come on now, whether the law is right or wrong, you have to know where you going and what the laws are. You cannot cry when you break a law of that country and get found out. There are 100s of other countries where you would live and have sex before marriage free, so why you go to the one where you can't? It doesn't make sense.

  3. These guys over there live in very rich country, but their thinking and ideas go back to the stone age.

  4. WTF! This justs shows why a separation of Church and State is a must

    • That is very true. The state should have no business in that kind of matter. Praise God for the side of the world we were born in. We complain about alot of pety stuff, but on the other side they are not as lucky as we are.

    • that is why Trump is banning these type of people from coming to America.


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