INTERNATIONAL: Coast Guard intercepts submarine packed with $181M worth of cocaine

INTERNATIONAL: Coast Guard intercepts submarine packed with $181M worth of cocaine

NEW YORK POST – The US Coast Guard intercepted a makeshift submarine boat off the coast of Central America — seizing a mountainous $181 million worth of cocaine in what the agency says is its largest drug seizure ever.

California’s Coast Guard Cutter Stratton sailed up to the craft on July 18 after getting a call from a US Navy pilot who spotted the vessel about 200 miles south of Mexico.

The 40-foot-long makeshift boats are a popular form of transportation used by Colombian drug smugglers.

In dramatic video posted online Friday, the Coast Guard members are seen boarding the submarine and immediately placing four smugglers under arrest — after pulling them one by one out of a hatch.

Some of the officers then climb down into the submarine and discover 12,000 pounds of coke in large bales.



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  1. It will be back on the streets within a few days. Somebody didn't pay the bribe. it's one big game. This is all for pr purposes to make the coast guard look good. This stuff will never stop everybody has to eat and some are just too greedy


  2. My thing is , if the coke is caught of the coast of Mexico , should the contraband be sent to Mexico ? Just asking ? If it was dead bodies , wouldn't the bodies be sent to Mexico? ................


  3. Wowwwww.that's alot of flipping can they steal it...its filmed too many persons involved to get it out safe....Brilliant minds with that makeshift submarine...those guys are good but not good enough to see thw plane spotted them ...The bigger boss will never be caught


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