INTERNATIONAL: China’s Navy seizes American underwater drone

INTERNATIONAL: China’s Navy seizes American underwater drone


CNN – A US oceanographic vessel Thursday had its underwater drone stolen by a Chinese warship literally right in front of the eyes of the American crew, a US defense official told CNN Friday.

In the latest encounter in international waters in the South China Sea region, the USNS Bowditch was sailing about 100 miles off the port at Subic Bay when the incident occurred, according to the official.

Bowditch had stopped in the water to pick up two underwater drones. At that point a Chinese naval ship that had been shadowing the Bowditch put a small boat into the water. That small boat came up alongside and the Chinese crew took one of the drones.



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  1. None of us were in the waters so we don't know what happened. Two intelligent nations with vast resources playing with public opinion.


  2. Lool funny, while Obama and company say the Russians ate their homework, the real enemy (China) gets away with anything they want AGAIN.


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