INTERNATIONAL: Chicago cop who shot mentally ill teen sues family for $10 million over ‘emotional trauma’

INTERNATIONAL: Chicago cop who shot mentally ill teen sues family for $10 million over ‘emotional trauma’

chicagoNEW YORK DAILY NEWS – A Chicago cop who fatally shot a mentally ill college student in December — as well as the teen’s unsuspecting neighbor — is now suing the dead teen’s family for $10 million, claiming the killings gave him “extreme emotional trauma.”

Officer Robert Rialmo filed the staggering suit Friday over his contested killing of 19-year-old Quintonio LeGrier, a Northern Illinois University sophomore. The officer also accidentally killed Bettie Jones, 55, who was standing nearby, according to police.

The slain student’s family immediately slammed the suit, which comes amid the exploding scandal over deadly, racially motivated police tactics in Chicago.

“After this coward shot a teenager in the back … he has the temerity to sue him?” LeGrier’s family attorney, Basileios Foutris told the Chicago Tribune.

“That’s a new low for the Chicago Police Department.”

Rialmo shot LeGrier six times on Dec. 26 after the teen made three calls to 911, making vague but distressed remarks about an “emergency” he said needed a police response. The gunfire erupted after LeGrier rushed at the officer while swinging a baseball bat, according to police, with one shot passing through the teen and striking his neighbor.



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  1. smh shame on this officer, but at the end of the day look at this clearly he shot and killed a mentally ill person , isnt that the same nonsense we have suffered in Saint Lucia also from our police officers, am not saying that this is right but the point i want to get clearly across is that when something happens in Saint Lucia people quick to say if it was the U.S that wouldnt happen and things would be different and like to compare America with Saint Lucia and everything the U.S does they want to copy it and bring it here, this is exactly why I made the comment some days ago saying America and Saint Lucia are two different places with entirely different laws despite we could learn some lessons from the international level.


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