INTERNATIONAL: Canadian couple married for 69 years die hours apart

INTERNATIONAL: Canadian couple married for 69 years die hours apart

jean-and-weldonCBC – A Grand Manan couple’s classic love story has come to an end in a manner befitting their lifelong commitment to each other.

Weldon Ingalls, 100, and Jean Ingalls, 94, passed away within hours of each other on April 16, eight months shy of their 70th wedding anniversary.

Jean was diagnosed with cancer last October, and Weldon had been consistently by her side as the disease progressed, peeking into her room to see if she needed anything, or sitting in the chair next to her bed to be near.

A few weeks ago, Weldon was diagnosed with a more aggressive form of cancer, and his health declined rapidly. He died at Grand Manan Nursing Home, and then shortly afterward, Jean died as well.

Patricia Brown, one of the couple’s nieces, believes that the closeness of their deaths was no coincidence.



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  1. I have read of such reports before. Having grew up in a broken home with No love, this is what I wanted in a marriage. BUT finding the right person is an awesome task. True Love, Trust and Devotion, This is marriage!!.


  2. wow i could just cry and smile at the same time this story about these people are so sweet , to me it just shows how connected they were as a couple for them to die hours apart


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