INTERNATIONAL: Boston taxi driver gets $100 reward for returning lost $187,000

By New York Daily News

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Boston cabbie Raymond MacCausland got a $100 reward for returning $178,000 he found in the back of his car. (INDEPENDENT TAXI OPERATOR’S ASSOCIATION)

Boston cabbie Raymond MacCausland got a $100 reward for returning $178,000 he found in the back of his car. (INDEPENDENT TAXI OPERATOR’S ASSOCIATION)

NEW YORK DAILY NEWS – Honesty doesn’t hack it.

A Boston taxi cab driver is disappointed he only received a $100 reward after returning $187,000 cash lost in his car.

“I thought maybe he would give $500 or $1,000, maybe one of those bundles,” Raymond (Buzzy) MacCausland, the lucky cabbie who found the fortune told the Daily News.

MacCausland was driving a homeless man who had inherited his riches after living in a shelter for six months, the 72-year-old cabbie remembered.



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  1. if i get somebody property i return it cause that is the honest decent and proper thing to do cause if someone get mine i would want them to return my belongings and i would not expect to get any reward like some others think they are obligated to from it but if i do receive something i am very grateful.

    if yall believe that yall are obligated to getting not just a reward but a sufficient reward at that since some of us are so selfish ,self centered and in-discrete then if you get someone things then just dont bring it back because when yall do yall want to get vex and quarrel and say "ah look at what mate give me and a whole Heep of nonsense"

  2. Finders, keeper to hell with it ,i was taking every suite!!!!!.

  3. The money actually belonged to a homeless man. It was his inheritance. The money was taken to the police who encouraged the owner to reward the taxi-man for his troubles.

  4. I think that it is wrong to think that the person who looses an item is not indebted to a person who returns that item. Many profitable businesses are based on the premise of returning something to an owner, take legal representation for example, the objective may be to return land or other valuables to the owner. Most looses are incurred as a result of owner negligence, shouldn't they have to pay for it? The driver didn't only have the option of keeping the money, what if he had given it to charity, would he have been considered to be a bad person?

  5. Someone stole my bag containing all my valuables including money, return ticket, valuable documents and jewelry etc. I was able to retrieve it after searching under a row of aircraft seats on a flight from Miami to St Lucia. The thief did not disembark in ST Lucia on a flight which continued to Grenada. Some will tif to the bone.

  6. There is virtue in being honest when we find someone’s property and ensure that they get it. Now if it involves making a trip so that the individual get their property, I believe you are entitled to some reimbursement.

    I was extremely lucky when I left my handbag in a taxi. My handbag had my holiday money and valuable documents such as passport. The taxi driver returned it to me and I pay the taxi fare for its return. I have found other people’s property and made sure that they were united with them without expectation of a penny – a thank you is all I expected. This is the right thing to do. I believe to keep someone‘s lost property is bad karma which would result in you losing 100 times what you kept. To keep thus man’s money is a curse of $18,700,000! If I got nothing that’s a blessing!

    Instead of this taxi driver use his good deed to further his business because the publicity credits him as an honest and trustworthy person he gripes for not getting a perceived amount of money. His attitude is sour grapes. Something done from the heart is a reward in itself.

  7. 5% of the sum would be more appropriate and it would hurt the owner.
    its just to bad if there is no law who regulate this 🙁

  8. you lucky you get anything at all i dont understand why when people get something that does not belong to them they have this notion in their head that it is mandatory they have to get something or at least a huge sum in return, i mean ITS NOT YOURS despite the fact you did a good deed and after all the guy was a homeless man who had inherited his riches after living in a shelter for six months. so where were you all this time he was living there i am sure you never contributed to anything for him to make his life better but now he lost some money to make a start for his life you think he owes you that much when he doesnt. and it is true the man could have lost the money like some greedy people would have done and just steal it but the fact still doesnt change that it does not belong to you and he doesnt owe anybody anything.

  9. awa....$100????

  10. jus $100 as a reward. naah man you could have giv the cab driver atleast a $500 or $1000 max. and after that him still giv you what seems like a free ride back to ya hotel and you didnt giv him a big tip. you should be more thankful bcuz if was another cab driver your money would have been GONE!!!!!!!

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