INTERNATIONAL: Bestiality suspect allegedly pimped out dog to have sex with farm animals

INTERNATIONAL: Bestiality suspect allegedly pimped out dog to have sex with farm animals

HUFFINGTON POST – A 56-year-old Washington state man is accused of offering his dog for human sexual purposes in exchange for sex with farm animals in Arizona.

The Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office nabbed James Allen Darland in a sting operation in which a detective posed as a rancher on a bestiality website, the sheriff’s office said in a release.

In emails and phone calls with the detective, Darland allegedly confessed to having sex with his neighbor’s horse, dog and sheep back home, and with dogs he encountered on his route as a package deliveryman, authorities say.

He arranged to spend several days on the rancher’s farm for sex with the resident miniature horses, dogs and goats, according to the release.

The investigation began in September, and concluded Monday when Darland met with the undercover detective to complete the deal.

Sheriff Joe Arpaio said in the release that the detective on the case was certain that Darland “fully intended to carry out his perversion.” Darland was charged with conspiracy to commit bestiality and his dog was taken into care by the Arizona Humane Society.

Darland remains in custody and his next court appearance is Nov. 2, the sheriff’s office told The Huffington Post on Thursday. A spokesman said Darland was the ninth bestiality case the office has handled.


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  1. The guy is not sick, he exercising his human right to sexual orientation. Why can't he have sex with his dog, he owns it. Then how can you justify a man having sex with another man since both are unnatural connections. Imagine we protecting animals while ignoring the transgressions of the human race. Wow!! Never thought that i would see the day. Unnatural sex is WRONG. What if a man working at an appliance store decides to have sex with the washing machine or sex with cars at a car dealership, or even with your watermelons at the local supermarket. You may say that the idea is far-fetched, but it may be coming soon to a store near you. This gay rights thing may just have opened up the apocalypse.


  2. My Gosh!!! So shall it be in the end, people will live like they lived in the days of Noah. this is definitely the days of Noah and certainly the end. Whoever don't believe it is so you have more problems than you think.


  3. There are many in saint lucia as well. They always claim they were just urinating and the animal reverse on them.


  4. Another good reason not to mess around. Think of the people who he has passed on germs to and them in turn to others, Innocents will eventually become victims and a silent epidemic spreads not only to Humans but in the FOOD chain. WHY do some people allow themselves to become lustful to this perversion!!!?


  5. He must be sick and needs help. It would be interesting to know at what point in his life he turned to bestiality or how he related to women before he turned to animals.


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