International authorities discuss climate change

International authorities discuss climate change

There are some pertinent questions on Climate Change which international authorities will attempt to answer as the High Level Support Mechanism on Climate Change concludes.

The issue of climate change has been long running and at times extremely controversial.  While naysayers exist, many world leaders  have signed on to battling the causes and impacts of global warming.

William Hare the Co-founder of Climate Analytics based in Germany put some thought provoking questions to the attendees.

“What are the impacts, risks and vulnerabilities of SIDS and LDCs at different levels of warming and in particular, what are the risks of one degree of warming compared to the two degree goal put forward by the European Union?  On a mitigation front, what are the options for limiting warming below two degrees and what are the major emitters needed to and how quickly do they need to do that to close the emissions gap?  We’ve also looked at the legal and policy implications of designing the new agreement under the ADP, the Durban platform.”

Saint Lucia’s Minister for Sustainable Development, Energy, Science and Technology, Senator the Hon, Dr James Fletcher, urged the participants from the African, Caribbean and Pacific region, to follow keenly the evolution of the climate change debate.

“At a recent climate change related event, I made mention of the fact that in a relatively short time, climate change has moved from being an abstract, esoteric, scientific concept to a global reality that poses a clear, present and potent threat to the continued existence of mankind, particularly for those of us who live in small island developing states and least developed countries.  With atmospheric greenhouse gas concentrations now above the 400 million parts per threshold, the stage is set for what appears to be the inexorable advance of the climate change juggernaut, a juggernaut of mankind’s own making.”

The meeting, which was held at the Bay Gardens Hotel, ended Wednesday with the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding between project implementation partners Saint Lucia, Charles and Associates and Climate Analytics.


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  1. Why don't you all in st.Lucia stop driving your cars, that will help with bringing down the global warming. See how silly global warming is.It gets cold in the winter and hot in summer what can you do about . Nothing.


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