INTERNATIONAL: 22-y-o knocks out mother after she failed to pay for his Taco Bell dinner

INTERNATIONAL: 22-y-o knocks out mother after she failed to pay for his Taco Bell dinner
580ed3e4c4618824768b4693RT – A young Tennessee man has knocked his mother out cold, striking her on the head with a hockey stick because she could not pay for his Taco Bell dinner.

Bringing a whole new definition to ‘taco stand,’ Logan Badgley decided he wasn’t going to take his mother’s sauciness any longer. The 22-year-old of Lakeland has been charged with aggravated assault after a neighbor saw him beating up Melanie Badgley with something initially thought to be a golf club.

An argument between the two started after Logan said he wanted his mother’s debit card to go buy food at a local Taco Bell Saturday evening. Melanie said she couldn’t pay for his food, because the card had a zero balance.

He “took the card anyway and left the residence,” a police report said, according to The Smoking Gun.

It was not long before Logan returned home and, as the woman told Shelby County Sheriff’s Office (SCSO), he “was angry” with her because “there was no money” in the bank account.

The two were in the garage when the young man grabbed a hockey stick and started hitting a freezer. He then struck his mother on the left side of her head, leaving her comatose.



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  1. All a that DAMN RIGHT cause yall giving these children privileges with yall rights so parents cant hit their children to discipline them with a belt . when they hit them they saying you cant hit me i have rights i will call the police on you and a whole type of shate. so take what you get. yall mad if our parents in the Caribbean dont have money to pay or buy something for us you think we can get on like that idiot hitting his mother with a hockey stick, licks we getting and when we grow up we not having no bad manners. some of us will look back and say if they didnt used to discipline us we would not be enjoying life today.

    aa you well rude and out of place and indiscreet again why you dont go and damn well work if you find the account should have had money on it.


  2. Spoilt brat who should be sent to jail for his actions. Let's see if he can order Taco Bell dinners, with a credit card, from behind bars.


  3. Kids who disrespect their mother should be forced to watch a video on natural and cesarean child birth. Maybe then they will show some appreciation and respect for the woman who brought them into this world. RUDE!


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