CARIBBEAN: 10-y-o boy killed, hand severed in Jamaica

CARIBBEAN: 10-y-o boy killed, hand severed in Jamaica

180865_JAMAICA OBSERVER – BEFUDDLED residents of Portland Cottage in Clarendon were yesterday still trying to piece together the puzzle behind the brutal slaying of a 10-year-old boy in their community.

The rotting body of Juvea Cooper was found Sunday morning buried behind a house in a shallow grave — with its throat slashed and one of an arm severed — four days after the boy was reported missing. The boy’s severed arm was found in a separate grave at the front of the house.

His death has left the community in shock, with concerned residents questioning what could have motivated someone to carry out such a heinous act.

“A from last Thursday him go missing and mi go mek a report to the police. All during that time I was hoping and praying that nothing had happened to my child,” Juvea’s mother, Tamieka Richards, told the Jamaica Observer yesterday, noting that all the while she had harboured hopes that her child — one of five — would be found alive.

But her hopes would turn to grief Sunday when Juvea’s remains were found.



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