INTERNATIONAL: Death toll in Peru floods rise to 72


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ABC – Authorities in Peru have declared that the intense rains, overflowing rivers, mudslides and flooding being experienced in the country are the worst seen in two decades, with the death toll since the beginning of the year having hit 72.

The highly unusual rains follow a series of storms that have struck hard along Peru’s northern coast, with voracious waters inundating hospitals and leaving some small villages isolated.

The storms are being caused by a warming of the surface waters in the Pacific Ocean and are expected to continue for another two weeks, with the disaster affecting more than half the nation.

The Peruvian Government said that 374 people were killed in 1998 during a similar period of massive rains and flooding blamed on the El Nino climate pattern.

On Saturday, Prime Minister Fernando Zavala updated the number of dead from the latest flooding to 72.

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  1. The challenge facing nation states in tropical regions will increase as global warming increases. But meeting ones immediate needs over shadows long terms issues. I wonder if St Lucia is prepared for the kind of environmental events Peru is facing right now such as flash floods, mudslides and how well would St Lucia fair? How quickly will she recover and rebuild before the second round of disaster strikes? This seems like a cycle of grinding poverty!

    I wish the people of Peru resilience and the means to find sustainable solutions to combat these relentless environmental problems.


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