Inter Commercial Futsal League results

Inter Commercial Futsal League results

PRESS RELEASE – Here are the scores for games played on April 2nd 2015 and April 4th 2015.

In Group B:
April 2, 2015- Scotia Bank went up against Brydens.
Scotia Bank emerged as the winners with a total of 7 goals; Sheldon Germain, Dillon Charles and Jeff Jeffery scored 1 goal each and Niale Alexander scored 4 goals.
Seth Clearcent and Joie Augustin each scored 1 goal for Brydens.

In Group C:
April 2, 2015- Lazy Lagoon/VSV took on Peter & Company.
Both teams scored 2 goals each; Ben Gillmor and Andre Joly scored 1 goal each for Lazy Lagoon/VSV. Nilan William and Ashley Edward both scored 1 goal for Peter & Company.

In Group D:
April 2, 2015- Saint Lucis Distillers faced FLOW. Both teams scored 3 goals each; Jamal Antoine scored all three goals for Saint Lucia Distillers.
Sherick Anthony, Anthony Christopher and Aaron Sylvester each scored 1 goal for FLOW.

In Group A:
April 4, 2015- Bank of St. Lucia defeated WLBL 3-1. Philbert Francis, Barry Cox and Jerard Satney each scored 1 goals for Bank of St. Lucia.
Conrad Dantes scored 1 goal for WLBL.

In Group C:

April 4, 2015- Peter & Company faced 1st National Bank, where Peter & Company emerged as the winners 6-2. Jerry Gaston and Marcus Toussaint each scored 2 goals. Ashley Edward and Jermai Toussaint scored 1 goal, there was an own goal scored by 1st National Bank.

In Group B:
April 4, 2015- Harris Paints lost to Ministry of Education 13-2. Shernil Regis scored 2 goals for Harris paints.
The goal scorers for Ministry of Education are as follows; Ian Earnest and Maradona Griffith each scored 2 goals, Christopher St. Catherine and Kwame Augustin both scored 4 goals and Myron Joseph scored 1 goal.

Sponsors of this tournament are Guinness, Seven Seas, Climax, Paradise Water and Kotex who jointly sponsor the tournament.

Matches continue on Thursday 9th April from 6:30pm and Saturday 11th April from 4pm at the Beausejour Indoor Facility. Entry fee is $5.00EC dollars per person.


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