Integrated Contact Centre dubbed revolution in public service delivery

Integrated Contact Centre dubbed revolution in public service delivery

PRESS RELEASE – The Government of Saint Lucia has formally opened its Integrated Contact Centre.  Located on the ground floor of the Greaham Louisy Administrative Building on the Castries waterfront, the Centre is unprecedented here and in the region.

The facility according to the Minister for the Public Service, Information and Broadcasting, Dr. James Fletcher, is expected to completely revolutionize the way the public interacts with the public service.

Now With the advent of the Integrated Contact Centre, complaints surrounding the Government of Saint Lucia PBX system will be a thing of the past.

The Centre can be accessed by dialing 311 free of charge from any mobile phone or fixed line between the hours of 7:00am and 7:00pm.

“What this will do, is not just be that place which will direct your calls; this is not just putting you in contact with the Permanent Secretary of Youth development and sports, or the comptroller of Inland Revenue; this is really to be able to provide you with the information you require that may be able to solve your problem without you going any further,” Dr. Fletcher said.

Dr. Fletcher added that the establishment of the Integrated Contact Centre is about “evolving government bringing it into the 21st century, to be able to provide information in an efficient and cost effective manner”.

The Integrated Contact Centre forms part of the Government of the Republic of China (Taiwan)-funded Multi- Channel Data Centre, and will involve six ministries in the initial phase.

The pilot ministries are : Ministry of Youth Development and Sports,  Ministry of Commerce, Business Development, Investment and Consumer Affairs, Ministry of the Public Service, Information and Broadcasting, Ministry of Finance and Economic Affairs, Ministry of Legal Affairs (Immigration Department) and the Ministry of Infrastructure Port  Services and Transport (Licensing department).

During the brief ribbon-cutting ceremony, Ambassador  of  the Republic of China(Taiwan), His Excellency James Chang,  noted, “ It is my firm belief that this Centre will be a very good example of our joint effort to benefit people and to further strengthen the relationship between St. Lucia and the Republic of China( Taiwan).

The Contact Centre is expected to be integrated with the 911 and 999 emergency facilities.

The Centre is staffed by a manager and ten customer service agents, who have all undergone intensive training in the areas of customer service, emotional intelligence in the work place, process mapping, and government ministry processes in general.


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  1. Idiots. St. Lucians are fooled by everything that is aimed to brainwash. But i am not surprised that the usual suspects are here appearing showering praises. How better a way to deflect calls away from an official who is directly responsible for your problem? How better a way to filter calls and know is on the other line, in order that you can be better manipulated.

    This government has an image problem. They also have a problem with answering questions. Not to mention their greatest problem which is their inability to offer any solutions. So why not establish another beareaucratic hurdle for an inquiring public?

    Isn't that the same Ministry which was unable to answer simple queries from fire officers for the last one and a half years? What makes you think they can answer yours? Hope you don't get the fire officer treatment. You people are just sheep in a forest infested with wolves. Getting a little education is just a begining of the cure.


  2. FINALLYYY SOMEONE WILL PICK UP THE PHONE WHEN I CALL Government! Finallyyyyy!!! i must give them this one...dats a good step.


  3. This is a positive step. We don't know when and what to critize anymore. If the so lazy public servants were to go on strike then we will truly see how the country is crippled. And this job was advertised. Get the fact right before making comments. I remember a couple of my friends asking about this job done time ago. It may have even be over a year ago. If it one mm of our son or daughter holding one of the position we wouldn't have so much negative things to say. Let's not call anything bad on our country. Let's give life and good blessings to us here in Saint Lucia. I believe that this could serve the purpose it was intended for. God's speed.


  4. This is a positive step in taking Public Services in St.Lucia into the 21st century. A much needed prospective improvement. As modern as the system no doubt is, its effectiveness and success depends solely on the center's trained manager and the 10 core talents , employees to perform with the same level of enthusiasm, interest, professionalism they displayed during training. I want to believe this training was focused on the system that has been implemented, was prepared for the 21st century, and presented by competent trainers who accepted nothing but the best results from the trainees. I trust that the 11 team members were properly vetted, and ALL were qualified to have undergone, and successfully finished the training for their respective positions in every sense of "qualification". Well done government and St.Lucia people. Now we just have to be patient and allow the system to evolve and work as expected. Big thank you to the Government of the Republic of China (Taiwan).


  5. And government has no money.....dropped 25 trained special police constables and yet still ...I sure everyone in that job is their friends or friends of friends


  6. So 11 New jobs and no advertisement or anything. One thing St. Lucia has no equal opportunity. More jobs for the boys!!!


  7. REALLY?



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